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FirstSpear Friday Focus – LCS Bag w/ Exterior Pockets


Introducing an original stocking item from the FS line up that has undergone very little design changes over the years simply because it works. The Three Sided LCS Bag w/ Exterior pockets is a no frills deployment style duffel designed to carry it all and then some. Enormous zippered bag opens to lay flat or hung on a wall. Webbing straps are used throughout the interior to secure pockets when not in use or aid further in general organization. One large outside pocket and two more exterior pockets on the opposing side. Extra large padded breakaway sling included.


3700 cu in
22″ Width, 17″ Height, 12″ Depth
LARGE POCKET: 19″ Width, 15″ Height, 3″ Depth
2 SMALL POCKETS: 9″ Width, 15″ Height, 3″ Depth



4 Responses to “FirstSpear Friday Focus – LCS Bag w/ Exterior Pockets”

  1. Steve says:

    I suppose asking FS for an interior view is a bridge too far.

    • royceda59 says:

      Im sure you could go to the website and see if its on there or is that a bridge to far?

    • Buckaroomedic says:

      I agree completely! I’ve been looking for a new medic bag. It seems like many companies consider the insides of their medic bags top secret. How is one supposed to shop comparatively without pictures of the inside?

      The bag I finally went with, cost more; but had excellent pictures of the inside and get this; a video showing off all the attributes.