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A Quick Look At The Polish DROMADER Individual Equipment Program

At the end of the recent article regarding Poland’s ongoing efforts of selecting a new camouflage pattern for its armed forces, there was a brief mention of the DROMADER individual equipment program, which is planned to be implemented, regardless of the final camouflage pattern chosen. Although info is limited, we did receive an update on the program regarding a consortium of PGZ companies which are being used to expand DROMANDER to include other specialist needs.

One such expansion is DROMADER-SF, which is aimed at police and army counter-terrorist units, images for which you can see above.

We were also provided with images detailing a comparison between DROMADER soldier with MSBS / GROT rifle in MAPA camo and a standard PL Soldier in wz. 93 camo, “Kandahar” vest and “BERYL” wz. 96. rifle.

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3 Responses to “A Quick Look At The Polish DROMADER Individual Equipment Program”

  1. Paul says:

    Harness straps so close to the neck… Yea, I bet it’ll comfortable…

    • Sebastian says:

      I asked Manufacturer abut this and received info that on one picture harness straps seems to be so close, because model presents additional balistic shoulder/throat protection.

  2. Jakub Majewski says:

    Authors of this equipment are far away from reality, this SF model is the only one that they presented on their fanpage on FB. They are trying to implement this solution to the all branches, but they don’t have any experience in real action or even duty, so opinion about their products are very cruel, they’re fascinated in SF style but they don’t realize that infantry or parachute or other branches looking something different. S?d but true.