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Crye Precision Announces Social Media Presence

Brooklyn, NY – Feb. 12, 2018 – Crye Precision®, one of the leading suppliers of uniforms and personal equipment to the military, law enforcement and public safety markets, has officially launched it’s social media presence, to enhance public education and information on the product offerings and lifestyle of the company.


Customers and friends can now follow Crye’s updates via their Instagram (@cryeofficial), Facebook (@CryeOfficial ), Twitter (@CryeOfficial) and YouTube ( Crye Precision Official ) pages; along with hashtags to include: #Crye #CryePrecision #AmericanMade #Brooklyn.

This step complements the information already available on Crye’s own website, which will have direct links to the social pages available.


6 Responses to “Crye Precision Announces Social Media Presence”

  1. TheFull9 says:

    Who divided by 0?

  2. Lone Element says:

    Oh shit let me rejoice to the heavens…..maybe while they are at it the could maybe get a show room, get customer service that doesn’t suck, and maybe do something really wild like have shit in stock.

    • Will says:

      You have little to no clue of what you’re talking about… you should go back to what you were doing before you decided to spew dumb shit.

      Crye has more Gov contract business than they know what to do with… Show Room for what? To spend millions of dollars on something so you can swing by and kick tires and not buy anything, because I’m certain you’d be bitching about paying retail price in their retail show room too.

      I can tell by this attitude that you likely called their customer service number and acted like a cock…much the same as your internet muscles…

      If you had any idea what state the defense industry was in right now, you’d understand why folks don’t keep loads of inventory in stock… fabric minimums, capital output just to fill shelves, Gov eating up all your capacity on contract buys.

      But yea… complain about it from a position of knowing literally nothing, after all that’s your right according to the Bill of Rights. Or, you could spend more time shutting up and just buy something else like the rest of the world does.

      • Lone Element says:

        Dear Will, You’re cute.
        Do you Crye Fan boy much?? Ive worked in industry for 14 years so theres that little tid bit, also done 9 combat deployments and used crye gear on most of them.. So I’m more than likely speaking from experience. When SOF who are on vacation in Manhattan want to stop by and pick up a piece of kit it might be a good ldea to have a small show room and a will call capability and probably a cold beer to hand them since Crye has built their company off the backs of the SOF community and mined much of their “IP” from tier one SMU’s. It also might be a good Idea to have customer service personnel that know the difference between an AVS and JPC instead of dumb bitches straight off the stripper pole. It also might be smart to not turn down orders from guys ordering from a .mil email address and every other company I know seems to be able to forecast and manufacture and ship gear in a very timely manner and not take 5 months to deliver a pistol belt…. So as much as I laughed at your ridiculous outburst, heres a box of crayons go color while the adults talk…..Cheers!

        • NWJeep says:


          Exactly why I roll with Beyond kit instead. Best folks on the planet with the best gear in stock. I ordered a backordered jacket from their HQ and it shipped less than a week after the order was placed. What a difference it makes when you combine in house manufacturing with a company that cares.

          Plus they have beer.

  3. Stachu says:

    Has anyone found them on FB?