SIG MMG 338 Program Series

Military Hardware LLC – Nugget USB Charger

Not only was this not available when I was in, but the connector to fashion your own was more expensive than this complete device. The Nugget attaches to a BA-5590 or BB-2590 battery, which seem to be stacked everywhere in a deployed situation, and use it as a multiport USB charging station.

• Dual 2.3 amp USB ports
• Compatible with all USB-charged devices
• Powerful enough to charge two tablets at once
• Rugged, one-piece over-molded design
• Small and light-weight
• USB 3.0 hand-shaking between Nugget and device delivers maximum allowable current


3 Responses to “Military Hardware LLC – Nugget USB Charger”

  1. TheFull9 says:

    Give them a connection and charge point – You’ll have a lot more morale

    Pretty sure most lakes would choose s**t food and living conditions over better ones vs not having the above.

  2. Stone11C says:

    Damn it! Another genius idea you kick yourself for not coming up with!

  3. John Grunthaner says:

    This will be a combat multiplier, and by combat multiplier I mean Joe’s can spend even more of their time on drill weekend on their phone. In all seriousness, I need to get these ordered before AT.