Sneak Peek – Armorer’s Kit from Pro Shot Defense


Yesterday, I had a chance to check out Pro Shot Defense’s new Armorer’s Kit. It is housed in a wheeled, hard case.


Although the component list isn’t finalized yet, it includes a variety of tools to maintain small arms such as pistols and M4 carbines, including receiver blocks and armored wrenches as well as cleaning items. As you can see, the case opens with four trays.


Pro Shot Defense products are available via GSA from Tidewater Tactical, via TLS from ADS Inc and via NIB/NISH vase supply stores from Initial Attack.


One Response to “Sneak Peek – Armorer’s Kit from Pro Shot Defense”

  1. SShink says:

    Do the top trays fit firmly against the inside of the lid to prevent the items from falling out while closed if the case is turned upside-down?