Imminent Threat Solutions Releases the TourniQuick

Designed to rapidly deploy and store modern tourniquets.


[ARLINGTON, TX, 02/23/2018] Imminent Threat Solutions is proud to release the TourniQuick®. This patent-pending device is the first-ever system designed to rapidly access and deploy the two most common CoTCCC (committee on tactical combat casualty care) recommended tourniquets on the market. This revolutionary tourniquet deployment system reduces time from deployment to application, saving valuable seconds. Remember, seconds count when you’re bleeding out!TM


The TourniQuick® features Imminent Threat Solutions’ patent-pending, 4-Way Mounting SystemTM. The 4WMS allows a user to mount the TQ vertically on a duty belt, vertically to MOLLE (PALS webbing), horizontally on a belt, or even vertically on a backpack strap. The mounting possibilities are truly unlimited.

An added benefit of the inherent design in the TourniQuick® is to protect a tourniquet from exposure to the elements. Dirt, debris and UV Light can degrade the life of these life-saving devices.

Imminent Threat Solutions provides indispensable skill-sets and products to explore your world and prevail against all threats.

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13 Responses to “Imminent Threat Solutions Releases the TourniQuick”

  1. Will sew for kit says:

    I think the Army IFAK has had a similar capability pouch for a few years, Dual mounting capability etc. this is sexier, but a vast improvement? How?

    • Bryan Black says:

      Hi Will, the TourniQuick opens the pouch and deploys the tourniquet in one motion. The Army IFAK pouch, which I believe you’re mentioning, is designed for accessing a tourniquet quickly, but doesn’t deploy it in that same motion. I hope that helps explain our design a bit more. Thanks!

  2. Alex says:

    Very cool and great idea. Any other colors in the future?

  3. Tremis says:

    I went over to order a grey one, for the strap of my grey EDC pack. Since it’s (so far) just in black, count me in for some colors.

  4. PbLead says:

    Seems like they’re doubling the bulk of a SOF-T wide. Looks like a great idea, but when you’re carrying 3 or 4 of em, it adds up quick.

  5. BP22 says:

    I wonder if this was in the works when ITS was bashing the RATS…

    • SSD says:

      This has nothing to do with RATS. Please explain the connection.

      • BP22 says:

        Pretty simple. ITS is coming out with a product that supports a competitive tourniquet to the RATS, therefore, were they bashing the RAT publicly on social media in hopes of reducing sales of the RAT and increasing sales of the CAT? I have purchased products from both companies and do not hold one above the other. I just thought it was interesting.

        • SSD says:

          The SOF-TT is a CoTCCC approved product, the RATS is not. At one point, RATS was labeled that it is “TCCC approved” after someone created a business name which is very close to the Tactical Combat Casualty Care guidelines used by DoD and countless civilian agencies. That could certainly confuse a consumer. That was Bryan Black’s point. Over the years, loads of other people have questioned the efficacy of RATS, which is an entirely different issue. Even when I posted a video of a demonstration of RATS which included the use of Doppler, many criticized the product.

          ITS Tactical has chosen to offer CoTCCC approved items. It only makes sense that they would manufacture a carrying pouch for the products they sell.

          Consequently, your one plus one equals three comment, isn’t simple.

          • Buckaroomedic says:

            I was interested in all the noise being generated about the RATS, so I bought one. I performed a very unscientific experiment on myself. I but the SPO2 probe (on our LifePak 15) on my non-dominant index finger and applied the RATS to myself. Guess what? I lost the SPO2 reading very quickly. To be fair, I had the exact same results using our CAT and the new SAM-XT.

            Is the RATS as easy to apply as a CAT or SOF-TT? No. Is the RATS another tool in the toolbox? Yes. I can see the RATS being used on small children and K9s much easier and more effectively than a CAT or SOF-TT.

            Just my very unscientific two cents . . .

          • BP22 says:

            It is easy to derive what ITS is saying about the RATS. That’s not my point. I am talking about the manor in which the company was being so outspoken about it.

            • SSD says:

              When you consider what they and others were saying, and acknowledge that medical folks are very passionate about their jobs, then it’s not as shocking as you’d like to make it out it to be.