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Kit Badger – Catharsis, Divorce and the Range

Kit Badger thought this might be of interest to some of SSD’s readers. I know I’ve been divorced a time or two.

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10 Responses to “Kit Badger – Catharsis, Divorce and the Range”

  1. Aono says:

    KB is one of those YT channels that deserves more exposure than it has, and is probably a hit video or two away from a lot more popularity once more people get a chance to see the content for the first time. Great outdoor shots, professional and relaxed delivery of solid info. The “to build a fire” series is a hoot.

  2. HK says:

    Cool of KB to share his life like that. To go from zero stress to divorce is serious psycho-emotional deceleration. Splat. And that’s why I’m never getting married.

  3. Hubb says:

    The number one cause of divorce is marriage. On a more serious note, good luck in the future KB!

  4. Chris says:

    The day my ex-wife said she wanted a divorce I walked out of the house. About 30 seconds later I walked back in went upstairs got my gun and left again. Didn’t say a word to her.

    I went to the range and shot. My buddy called me and said my ex was worried that I got my gun and left without saying a word. Hindsight I can see how that may have looked to her. Shooting was a good way to do something good that day. She thought I was going to do something stupid.

    Good vid and Good Luck, KB.

  5. Jack Griffin says:

    Ugh, what a mess. Not him too.

    And good on him for never getting petty. That’s strength.

    KB’s zen voice and production quality is what keeps me coming back. It’s like I’m having a conversation with a knowledgeable buddy at the range.

    The best is getting a divorce notice in the mail while you’re in A-stan.


  6. Dellis says:

    Wow, sorry to hear about all the divorce. I have been married 30 years now, looking forward to the next 30.

    I hope ya’ll find that one

  7. Kit Badger says:

    Thank you everyone for your kind words, I appreciate it. One thing that has become clear as I’ve moved through this is: “Our problems aren’t unique.”

    They often feel as though they are, but they aren’t. So to that end, hopefully the above video may be of some use to anyone else making that journey.

  8. Jeb says:

    My divorce went through today and although no shooting today – I’ve done a lot since July of last year. 5 years of marriage and 9 being together…divorce was the best thing for us. KB, thank you, Sir, and as you know, them problems ain’t unique!