Velocity Systems

A7 Kinetix Low-Profile Tactical Gloves


A7’s gloves do not compromise on quality or durability and are made with the best materials available: flame-resistant Nomex® reinforced with A7’s BIO-FLEX™ armor and Gila Skin™ textured and super tough nylon.


– Available in desert tan, tactical black and foliage green
– BIO-FLEX™ flexible armor across the knuckles and on all fingers
– NOMEX® fire-resistant fabric on the top of the gloves
– GILA SKIN™ super tough textured nylon palm for durability and grip
– Touch screen capability for the index and middle fingers and thumb
– Reinforced contact areas for increased durability with extra trigger finger padding
– Pull tab for easy donning and tightening
– Quick tightening strap (BIO-FLEX durability).


4 Responses to “A7 Kinetix Low-Profile Tactical Gloves”

  1. Huey says:

    So they made an exact copy of the Oakley Flexion?

  2. Mojo says:

    The Oakley Flexion is not durable, it doesn’t have armor on all the fingers, it doesn’t use Nomex, and the palm is different. So no, it is not an Oakley anything.

  3. Mojo says:

    Also, those Flexion gloves are not touch-screen compatible. A7’s are.