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UF Pro Presents : The Pro’s Guide To Tactical Shooting

This video covers DRILL No. 1: Protect VIP in a Vehicle.

In this scenario, a car carrying a VIP and 3 bodyguards is frontally attacked. The driver is KIA and the car rolls along uncontrolled until it comes to a stop, leaving the 2 surviving bodyguards no choice but to evacuate the VIP and protect him until support arrives. Learn how to shoot behind cover while protecting a VIP.



8 Responses to “UF Pro Presents : The Pro’s Guide To Tactical Shooting”

  1. Sardo Numspa says:

    I feel like the VIP had an awkward amount of bodyguard junk placed and dragged across him .

  2. Adam says:

    If they were actually taking fire from hostiles, that car is not going to provide much cover. Maybe I’m being too critical. Not that there is really any cover in that field anyway. Its a cool video.

  3. Ray Forest says:

    This is almost as good as the “anatomy of close combat” bad 80’s action movie video they did. Decidedly European I suppose.

  4. Kit Badger says:

    Wait, hold up… …the VIP is rolling in a Kia?! Hahaha.

    Nice job filming and editing though, as usual with UF PRO.

  5. Keld says:

    Just don’t take cues from this video on protective tactics.
    Dead driver drills? Nah, we just debuss and shoot it out instead.
    That’s not the way I learned it.
    But good production value of video.

  6. bloke_from_ohio says:

    It would have been better if there had been a slow-mo shot of the VIP taking his own seat belt off instead of cutting it.