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Gunwerks Announces Exclusive Rifle Series series Called The Collective, Reveals The CoPilot

(Cody, Wyoming) March 19, 2018.  The Collective, a series of exclusive, purpose-driven, premium rifles, introduces the CoPilot. The ultimate truck gun for the land manager, hunter, and those who simply want the best. The CoPilot is a limited edition rifle with less than 100 offered to the public. Designed as a short frame rifle the CoPilot is chambered in 6MM Creedmoor, built with premium components and accessories.

“We pooled some of the brightest minds and makers of the best components in the industry. Then, sparing no expense and cutting zero corners, the concept of The CoPilot as the ultimate truck gun was conceived.” says Gunwerks C.O.O, James Christensen. “We wanted a rifle system that was accurate, lightweight, suppressed, and had all the top-of-the-line trimmings. It had to be perfect for a coyote, whitetail, or even a 500 lbs Nilgai.”

At its core, it is a Gunwerks’ GLR bolt action. Next, we added a Proof Research custom length, carbon wrapped barrel designed specifically for this rifle. Because we needed an ultra-compact package, we worked with Manners to design a collapsible carbon fiber stock. The versatility of this adjustable stock also makes it perfect for your little guy or girl to grow up with. The CoPilot also includes a frictionless sear trigger from Trigger Tech, Nightforce ATACR F1 4-16×42 optic, and is ready for a SilencerCo Omega suppressor. It also comes with an SKB hard case which protects a customized Armageddon Gear softside case which secures the rifle and houses the SilencerCo Suppressor as well as ammunition boxes in specialized compartments.

The custom Armageddon Gear case can be set down like a suitcase, and it will stand up unlike other soft side gun cases to ensure safety and convenience at all times. Another important part of the package is the ammo. The package ships with 1,500 rounds of 103 grain Hornady ELD-X loaded ammunition.

Finally, the package also features the Gunwerks Long Range Package meaning each gun is tested not only at 100 yards but at a distance to create a ballistic profile for every individual rifle. This information for a given altitude and temperature is engraved onto a ballistic turret. Utilizing a Trigger Tech trigger set at 2 lbs, the light, crisp pull coupled with the custom carbon barrel and the NightForce scope, this rifle has an effective hunting range of 800yds while the target range extends beyond 1200!

The CoPilot is an experience within itself from opening the case to entering the field. To see the CoPilot visit or call 877-393-1639.


5 Responses to “Gunwerks Announces Exclusive Rifle Series series Called The Collective, Reveals The CoPilot”

  1. Fritzthedog says:


    They are high

    • joe says:

      Yah, if I leave a gun in the truck, just waiting to get stolen, it’s not going to cost more than the truck itself.

  2. AbnMedOps says:

    Not to be confused with the lever action “Co-pilot” built by Wild West Guns in Alaska.

  3. SLG says:

    I’m not one to hate on cost at all, but I kinda feel that the point of a truck gun might have been missed here. Either way, since there are only 100 of these “released to the public”, I suppose the rest of us can take our favorite expensive precision rifles, buy a nice case for them, then leave them in our truck. LOL.