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Next-Generation Polaris DAGOR Evolves with Mission Requirements

Minneapolis, March 21, 2018 –  Polaris Government and Defense is evolving its squad-ready DAGOR® off-road vehicle with the introduction of the DAGOR® A1. The DAGOR® A1 provides improved performance and capabilities with better mobility and operator functionality for customers which already include U.S. Special Forces, the U.S. Army’s 82nd Airborne Division, Canadian Special Operations Forces Command (CANSOFCOM), multiple European militaries and additional global forces.

“DAGOR® is deployed around the world. Its flexible and modular design allows it to fulfill a number of missions and evolve with threats,” said Mark McCormick, senior director, Polaris Government and Defense. “DAGOR® A1 is our answer to operators that are asking for more payload and mobility, with an increase of more than 20 percent in total carrying capacity. The DAGOR® A1 is ideally suited to provide enhanced tactical mobility as well as command and control for infantry forces at the squad, company level and higher.”

The DAGOR’s modularity continues to allow for missionization, including the Squad Carrier configuration, the Personnel Recovery Kit, or Canada’s Ultra-Light Combat Vehicle (ULCV) configuration. New missionization components include newly designed fuel or water can holders that can be placed in several locations quickly and easily with newly offered cargo box aircraft rails, RF antenna mounts and a tailgate that is aircraft rail compatible for a convenient and familiar storage options for the tailgate’s 500-pound (227 kilogram) capacity.

DAGOR® provides exceptional off-road mobility, payload and transportability – carrying up to nine warfighters and their gear, for a total payload of up to 4,000 pounds (1,814 kilograms) on the DAGOR® A1. An increased ride height – even at full payload – provides better obstacle clearance and improves off-road mobility. DAGOR® A1 maintains air-drop, sling-load and internal tactical air transportability on CH47 and CH53 helicopters from the original ultralight vehicle platform. And DAGOR® has successfully completed hot weather trials in the Gulf Region.

The DAGOR® A1 also incorporates durability and improved operator functionality. An in-dash power management screen provides in-cab access to vehicle component condition – like battery state of charge – to aid in communications and silent watch. Expanded lighting options and integrated wiring expands on the utility of the open-concept DAGOR®.

“Polaris is centered around delivering constant innovation to our customers as the competitive commercial market demands,” said McCormick. “Our military customers worldwide benefit from our innovative DNA and perfected large-scale processes to field the latest technology, because it allows us to constantly deliver the very latest in mobility to the warfighter.”

Polaris® is under contract to provide CANSOFCOM with the DAGOR® A1 with a specialty ULCV package. DAGOR® ULCV delivery began in 2017 and will be completed this year.

DAGOR® uses a readily available commercial off-the-shelf (COTS) driveline, controls and components streamlining mechanic and operator training, like a diesel/JP8 COTS engine selected for its ideal combination of power, weight and size. DAGOR’s unique design allows for ease of operation, maintenance and sustainment in support of combat operations. The open design of the cargo bed maximizes loading space, flexibility and access for mission-essential equipment. Polaris® provides sustainment for DAGOR® vehicles fielded, including parts through DLA and service through a global network of Field Service Reps (FSRs).


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