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2018 USASOC Sniper Comp – Modular Handgun System Enhancements From SIG


Based on the commercially available SIG P320, the new Modular Handgun System can be configured as the full-size M17 or in the compact M18 configuration. MHS more than lives up to Modular aspect of its name, with possible upgrades not even yet conceived by the Army. For example, the slide is equipped with a removable plate to accept a red dot optic. Additionally, the fire control unit is compatible with other P320 grip modules.


In an initiative akin to the Special Operations Peculiar Modification (SOPMOD) program for the M4 carbine, SIG is demonstrating enhancements for MHS.


This has an M18 with an X-series grip. It incorporates an after market magwell, which works as a chute to speed reloads and also includes a Romeo 1T sight from SIG Optics as well as suppressor height front sight.


However, the slide can also be configured with an adjustable rear via the sight plate.


Additionally, they have installed a flat trigger and removed the manual safety found on MHS.


These enhancements aren’t being offered as a package, but rather as a demonstration narrator to get users to consider ways to leverage the weapon’s modularity.

SIG and after market accessory manufacturers continue to roll out new products. Even more will come now that the P320 has been adopted for US military service as MHS.


19 Responses to “2018 USASOC Sniper Comp – Modular Handgun System Enhancements From SIG”

  1. Joglee says:

    What’s the screw in the rear of the slide for?

    • Gilbrrt Holtzclaw says:

      That is not a screw it is the spring retention holder for the ejector and it holds the rear cover that has the striker assembly. It’s meant to be pushed in just a bit to remove the rear cover block for the striker assembly and to disassemble and clean the exacter spring and pin retainer

  2. Curly2k3 says:

    So this is literally an X-Carry 320 but in FDE.

    • SSD says:

      No, it’s literaaly an M18 with a bunch of modifications.

      • Joe Squire says:

        No offense I call bullshit. I have an Xcarrry that is not a 320 grip module nor slide. That slide has the top plate just like the XCarry not the 320, it has the flat face felt trigger as does the Xcarrry. the MHS is indeed based on the 320 platform not on the X Carry which is a smaller version of the XFIVE.

      • DangerMouse says:

        I’m sorry, SSD, but I think Curly is right on this one. They basically took an MHS trigger module and put all the X-Carry parts on it.

        Yes, it’s an MHS serial numbered chassis, but in every practical way it’s an FDE X-Carry.

        • SSD says:

          The weapon is the FCU, which is serial numbered. That’s the point of MHS, the modularity. This is an M18, but it can be configured in multiple ways.

          • some other joe says:

            Not an as-issued MHS. No manual safety. It may be one of the non-safety versions advertised as an MHS for civilian sale, but it is not the issued configuration.

  3. hodge175 says:

    Its to prevent user level take down of the striker system.

  4. Jamie Kirkendall says:

    So, the plate for the red dot cover has the rear sight on it, the rear sight isn’t attached to the slide? I’ve asked several times but no one wants to answer the question. By these photos it looks like the rear sights are part of the plate. Even the pictures of the stock M17/18 look like the sights are on the plate instead of the slide. Seems like a strange way to do it. I understand the Sig Romeo red dot is shorter than other red dots so thats why it can fit on the other 320 that has the red dot and sights on it.

    • Keld says:

      Yes, the rear sight is attached to the plate and comes off with the plate when a Romeo 1 is mounted.

    • Ton E says:

      Isn’t that a feature associated with the commercial version of the “M17/18”?

  5. Orlando Alvarez says:

    Will there be an M18 in a Co2 version.

  6. Joe says:

    Needs the B&T stock.

  7. Ton E says:

    Isn’t that a feature associated with the commercial version of the “M17/18”?

  8. Joe says:

    I dont understand how a terrible and poor pistol design calls tha attention, should try and shoot and you will see all defects that comes with it…

  9. Seamus says:

    What I would love to see happen with MHS:

    1) Sell M17 and M18 grip modules to the public or at least AAFES so soldiers can buy them, stipple them and upgrade them. The civilian P320 does not have the grip module lock feature and as such does not fit the military M17/M18. In order to leverage the modularity of the system, these parts needs to be made available.

    2) A grip module with a built in weapon light and switches. Or at least a surefire DG switch and push button switches, built into the grip, ready to accept any other surefire weapon light.

    • rudukai13 says:

      Not exactly sure what you’re getting at with your first point, but as to the second – Check out Sig’s LIMA5 grip module for the P320/250. Integrated red or green laser with an integrated grip switch, exactly like you’re describing. Wouldn’t be too difficult to re-work the housing to make it a white light as opposed to a laser