UF PRO – Two Man Fire-team Tactics

The second installment of UF Pro Presents : The Pro’s Guide To Tactical Shooting is Team Shooting.


In this scenario, you’ll learn how to react when ambushed and how you and a teammate can work your way out of it.



3 Responses to “UF PRO – Two Man Fire-team Tactics”

  1. pedrothemerciless says:

    Slick choreography. Terrible TTPs. Bunched up, bounds too long, terrible angles as a result. That isn’t a “peel”, merely bounding. Geez.

    • Nostrildameous says:

      Yeah, totally not a peel, hence the word…AND bounding in the line of fire and not getting off the railroad tracks isnt exactly the best idea.

  2. Lone element says:

    I think clothing companies in Europe should stick to making clothes.