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ADS Ft Bragg Warfighter Expo – Step In Visor by Ops-Core


Ops-Core has refined their Step-In Visor which is designed to work specifically with the geometry of the FAST line of helmets. The visor works like goggles, but without an edge seal, providing eye protection. It also sits very close to the eyes so they can be used with night vision systems.


The new buckle allows the wearer to get the visor close in and tight. So much so that the Step-In Visor can be used in military free fall operations.


The visor can be unbuckled from one side and stowed out of the way for donning and doffing or when otherwise not needed.



2 Responses to “ADS Ft Bragg Warfighter Expo – Step In Visor by Ops-Core”

  1. B says:

    Any indication of if or when these will be available for purchase on the Ops-Core website?

    • BretW says:

      B – We are hoping to have it up soon. We’ll pass it along to SSD as soon as it’s ready to go live.