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The Evolution of Kitanica’s Tactical Pants

Kitanica’s new Raider Pant is essentially the combination of Kitanica’s Gen. 2 and All Season Pant. They’ve combined the better properties from both to make one pair of tactical pants that has it all. It stems from an effort to offer better availability for their customers by only sewing one style versus keeping up with two different styles. If you have shopped both Gen. 2 and ASP, you may know that they share a similar pocket layout. However, there are a few differences in build/features.

From the Gen. 2, the Raider Pant brings over the Cordura Fabric knees and knee pad sleeves. From the All Season Pants the pocket layout and the fabric selection (Nylon Cotton vs. Poly/Cotton Ripstop) are utilized. Over the years, Kitanica has found the NYCO to breath better than the Poly/Cotton and be equally durable if not more so.


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