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ADS Provides Assistance to Austin PD Bomb Squad

During last month’s package bomb attacks in Austin, Texas, ADS, Inc supplied local law enforcement with equipment which helped identify the devices.

The Austin PD’s Bomb Squad used four MSPT Nanos and two Golden Engineering XR-150 X-ray generators, allowing each of the four EOD technicians to determine if suspect packages or actual IEDs or not.

ADS overnighted three devices to the Austin PD and contacted Golden Engineering, a long-time partner supplier, requesting they supply a second XR-150 to Austin PD direct from their warehouse in Indiana, which they did.

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2 Responses to “ADS Provides Assistance to Austin PD Bomb Squad”

  1. jon says:

    As a former EOD guy, Xrays are a critical piece of equipment, especially for domestic incidents. Military is easy- we have several, but law enforcement needs these to best determine courses of action. It’s good to see a company like ADS and Golden Engineering support local LEOs. Thanks for posting SSD.

  2. James M says:

    Thank you ADS for putting peoples lives over profit and supporting the thin blue line. Don’t see many competitors doing anything to support LEOs out there even when there is a real world emergency.

    Thank you for being a standup company.