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US SOF Conduct Winter Warfare Training

Two great videos here from Special Operations Command Europe depicting winter warfare training.

The first depicts US Army and Air Force SOF Train Above The Arctic Circle in Kiruna, Sweden. The training focused on skiing, snowmobile maneuvers, anti-personnel mine and live fire ranges.

The second video is of US, Polish and Lithuanian SOF operators conducted winter warfare training near Zakopane, Poland, in January.

2 Responses to “US SOF Conduct Winter Warfare Training”

  1. HdV says:

    What snow camouflage uniform they use?

  2. patrick sweeney says:

    Ahhh, neither of the videos up there is what the text says. Both are previous (one a week old) videos on other subjects.

    Not the first time. Time to start withholding cinnacats from the IT proles until they sharpen up.