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2nd SFAB Is Recruiting

The 2nd Security Force Assistance Brigade is forming at Fort Bragg, North Carolina.


Their mission is to deploy in support of a Combatant Commander, integrate with foreign partner forces, assist and advise local security operations to build partner security capacity and capability and achieve regional security in support of US National Interests.


They are looking for experienced NCO in the following MOSs to fill their ranks.


I am serious as a heart attack when I recommend that you consider an assignment with SFAB. The Army is putting a lot of emphasis on these new units. If garrison duty has you down, assignment to an SFAB will get you back on track.

By all accounts, the 1st SFAB is filled with excellent NCOs and Officers and they are being fielded the latest equipment, receiving training not offered to most in the conventional forces, and are being deployed to combat zones. That’s what being a Soldier is all about.

There are also some incentives:

$5,000 bonuses (Assignment Incentive Pay (AIP)) for qualified voluteers–as long as the Soldier serves in the unit for at least 12-months.

– Special Promotion Category to SGT–fully eligible SPCs/CPLs promoted with 799 points upon completion of Security Force Assistance Advisor Course (SFAAC).

– Suspended PME requirement to attain pin-on eligibility to SGT through MSG.

– Assignment of choice upon completion of 24-month assignment.

If you’re interested, here’s the link.

14 Responses to “2nd SFAB Is Recruiting”

  1. Mike says:

    Navy guy here asking a question of my Army brethren. My son graduates high school in a couple of months, and is talking to recruiters. Does anyone know if the SFAB program is open to new recruits? Or are they only taking more experienced soldiers on their second enlistment? Thanks.

    • Cody Butkiewicz says:

      No, SPC(P) and above.

    • Che Guevara's Open Chest Wound says:

      They mention Non-Commissioned Officers and promotable Specialists (E-4). That rules out enlisting into an SFAB. Because it is a unit of advisors, they want soldiers with practical experience & leadership in their career field. These SFABs are just spinning up; your son has plenty of time to build the basics of a career before moving on to advising.

    • Kris says:


      I don’t think you can enlist straight into the SFAB. However, I have seen a handful of PFC’s (E-3) so far, which was quite surprising to me. Even if your son can’t enlist for the SFAB, once his foot is in the door, he’ll absolutely have the opportunity to try to get there.

      On another note, these guys sure have been sitting around for a while out here. I’d really like to see this unit do the work they are designed to do. Otherwise, it’s just a bunch of Soldiers, with the newest kit, not doing anything.

  2. Rick says:

    “They are looking for experienced NCO in the following MOSs to fill their ranks.”

  3. Dave says:

    Now that they stopped allowing us to defer PME in SF due to op tempo, I wonder how many of us will jump ship to avoid having to do PME commensurate with rank. I know I’m tempted!

  4. EOD Fish says:

    So that is how an EOD cat gets a beret.

  5. Scott says:

    Hopefully I can clear some things up. The 1st SFAB is still not fully manned. There are a lot of junior enlisted below the rank of SPC filling critical MOS slots that should have a promotable SGT at a minimum.

    All of that garrison duty that you don’t want to do…You’re still going to have to do it. This is the Army. The catch is that you’re a senior NCO doing all of the work now. The unit is a lot smaller, and it’s all seniors.

    Some dudes are still waiting on that $5000…

    Deployment to combat zones. Welcome back to Afghanistan because that’s the only show in town for the one BDE that is working right now. You’re also fenced for 36 months, not 24. Also none of the branches are promising assignment preference.

    The PME requirement still exists. It’s just being deferred until after the deployment.

    • SSD says:

      Well, You guys want to be like SF, you get NCOs doing the jobs of a lower enlisted just like in Group.

      • Nunya250 says:

        Get em Eric!! It’s true though, admin and collateral duties don’t stop no matter how “special” you are, or think you are.

    • Steve says:

      “Also none of the branches are promising assignment preference.”

      Yeah, better get used to that. SF faced this up until they became their own branch. Folks considering SFAB duty better factor in the likelihood that their basic branch is going to consider their SFAB duty as outside the branch norms, and it will probably have a detrimental effect on their careers as compared to the ‘loyal’ soldiers in the branch that followed the traditional models. Milley won’t be CSA for much longer, and his pet project will quickly lose the attention of the next guy and his own pet projects.

      Special people get special attention.

  6. Scott says:

    I wish that wasn’t the only thing people took away from my comment. I am simply trying to give an honest counter to the false recruiting promises and practices currently taking place. The majority of the service members in the unit were sent here non-voluntarily. Again, another fact that the recruiting drives aren’t mentioning. Since this unit is the Army’s big push to fill right now, no other non-DA select billets are getting filled until SFAB quotas are met.

    Please look past institutional bias and in-fighting, and at the bigger picture. No one wanted to be made into a recruiting pitch. It’s the same job we have all been doing on MTTs. STTs, PRTs, etc. anyway for the past decade. Just another name change, and shiny new things to draw people in. The problem that needs discussion is the hollow promises being given.