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RE Factor Tactical – Nonel Bag


The Nonel Bag is designed to support easy access to traditional non-electric breaching tube while keeping it readily stored to prevent tangling or twisting. The bag’s patented design allows the user to neatly coil up to 200’ of non-electric breaching tube and quickly deploy it when at a breach point. The bag comes with a pocket designed to carry most common blasting machines and M81/M60 fuze ignitors. It is covered by US Patent 8123027B2.

• Upper section holds blasting caps and det-cord loop
• Exit hole at the bottom of the bag for feeding firing end into the outer pocket with igniters
• Made in the USA


3 Responses to “RE Factor Tactical – Nonel Bag”

  1. Jon says:

    Is any one elts having a hard time finding there “US Patent 8123027B2” on Google patent…..or any search engine for that matter? from the picture it dosn’t look any more organized than my rope bag for climbing.

  2. Kyle says:

    That’s an interesting design. Arbor Arms has been posting teasers about their new breacher pouch for the last month. It’ll be great to see a side-by-side comparison. Advantages/disadvantages. I know keeping things simple (KISS) is great but even another small pouch on the side and internal divider would be nice.
    I do like that people are thinking about making our stuff better. Keep working guys.