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Darley Defense Days 18 – Para-X EZ Debride from BMK Ventures

Although this is more of a long-term care issue, it’s critical to debride charred skin from deep burn patients as soon as possible.

EZ Debride is a single use, disposable instrument which incorporates a flexible neck, cutting flutes and counter-balanced head. These features enable those with little to no experience, be more effective.

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2 Responses to “Darley Defense Days 18 – Para-X EZ Debride from BMK Ventures”

  1. Scott says:

    Makes me cringe just reading it!

  2. Duncan says:

    Burn surgeon here. I like the concept of the actual tool, but not for field use by people with « little to no experience » as the write-up suggests. Yes, debriding the burn wound is important, but not such an urgency that it has to be done before making it to someone with the some surgical know-how. Far-forward priorities are of course airway, breathing, circulation/resuscitation, thermoregulation/heat retention. I can MAYBE see this in an 18D’s tool kit if they are far forward with no prospect of CASEVAC and the need to hold for days, otherwise, IMO, this is a promising single use item for FST, CASH, and above.