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Magpul Announces Bipod

Magpul Bipod

The Magpul Bipod is designed as the most durable and versatile bipod for the money. Rich with important features, our lightweight Mil-spec hard anodized 6061 T-6 aluminum and injection-molded polymer bipod brings innovation in ergonomics, functionality, strength and value together. An aesthetically pleasing, low-profile design conceals its mechanisms and hardware, smoothly brushing off snags and bumps. Optimized for rapid one-handed adjustments, the bipod quickly and quietly transitions between countless user configurations. The Magpul Bipod includes many features normally found on bipods at a significantly higher cost.

The Magpul Bipod is available in BLK or FDE and comes in three popular mounting platforms: M-LOK ® (MAG933), 1913 Picatinny Rail (MAG941), and A.R.M.S® 17S Style (MAG951)–the Bipod for A.R.M.S.®17S Style must be used in conjunction with an appropriate 17S-style mounting device that is purchased separately and typically is quick-detach capable, for proper mounting to your weapon system of choice.


16 Responses to “Magpul Announces Bipod”

  1. Kirk says:

    Sexy… I see one in my future.

    • Michael Turner says:

      That’s what I need for my Smith and Wesson m&p 15.sure beats having to haul around a stand.please reply with which attachment I will need to mount it and a came with factory nav pull
      Flip up rear sites.

      • Ground Pounder says:

        Soldier Systems, when will you have these available on your webstore and how much will they cost? Please ship them faster this time, last time you took FOREVER and I never did receive my stuffs!

        • 6.8 pumper says:

          What it cost SSD?

          • Sam says:

            Right click on the image, then left click twice while holding shift and tab to add it to your shopping cart and see the price. If it doesn’t work immediately, keep trying. We apologize that its a bit buggy.

        • Snowman says:

          $109.99 Plus S/H

  2. Jose Ortiz says:

    I’m looking for one and I think this is the one

  3. Jose Ortiz says:

    I need one and this is the one for me

  4. Kevin Brown says:

    Will this be ‘The One’ for the Forgotten Weapons ‘What Would Stoner Do’ AR15 setup?

    • charlie says:

      WWSD is an InRangeTV project, not Forgotten Weapons. Different channel, Ian just happens to be on both of them.

  5. Wayne Dentzau says:

    Can this Mount on a Mossberg AR 22

  6. SSgt H says:

    What’s wrong with the Harris 6-9″ bipod. American made and successfully deployed for decades. Not broke, don’t fix. Companies just trying to make a buck. Good for them. Semper Fi. Out

  7. David Keith says:

    Finally an end to the Junk Harris without buying an Atlas.

  8. Neil sparks says:

    Sorry I’m on an I pad not a laptop,, can I get one to fit a SR-556 take down model? The bottom rail on theses rifles is a bit different.