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NRAAM 18 – ACR Owners Recoice! Bushmaster Introduces 450 Bushmaster and 6.8 SPC Kits

It seems like Bushmaster has been promising alternative caliber kits for the “the most versatile and reliable MSR ever built,” the ACR.


Designed from the outset for a quick, operator-level caliber change, Bushmaster announced two new caliber options: 450 Bushmaster and 6.8 SPC which join the already existing 5.56 NATO. Wait what? You read gat right. 450 Bushmaster and 6.8 SPC.


Look for a new 10.5″ barrel in 5.56, 16″ & 18.5″ in 450 BM and 16″ in 6.8 SPC.

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22 Responses to “NRAAM 18 – ACR Owners Recoice! Bushmaster Introduces 450 Bushmaster and 6.8 SPC Kits”

  1. Jordan says:

    Are there still people owning, let alone willing to buy the ACR?

  2. Pew Lumpia says:

    Question is will the barrels still be 1/9 or will they finally go 1/7 in 5.56?

    • B pew says:

      Bushmaster released different length barrels for the acr all in 1/7 twist for the 5.56 over a year ago.

  3. Kirk says:

    Biggest news here, for me…? That the ACR was still in production, and that folks are apparently dtill buying it. I haven’t seen one for sale as a new item at any of my local gun stores for some years, now. Consignments? Lots, as people grow bored with them.

    Sad commentary on what sure looked promising ten years ago.

  4. Strike-Hold says:

    At this point I’d rather wait for FB Radom to bring the civvie version of the MSBS / Grot to these shores….

    • Pew Lumpia says:

      I just can’t do a 1:9 twist barrel……

      • sean says:

        There’s a lot of things about that rifle I found pretty disappointing.

        • HARM says:

          Anything specifically you found disappointing about the FB Radom? Have you actually fired it? Curious, as I was interested in getting one when the U.S. civ version comes out.

  5. IheartPTbelts says:

    8 years to latE. No thanks.

  6. Andrew says:

    This would have been really cool 8 years ago.

  7. Stickman says:

    Bushmaster needs to relaunch the ACR with the proper features and price point if they honestly want to have anyone treat the ACR with respect.

    Piecemeal doling out of components on a failed initial launch isn’t going to make the platform a success.

  8. Norm says:

    Keymod really? Not going to help the acr out of it’s slump.

    • Cuvie says:

      Not even Keymod, it’s “Squaredrop” which appears to be their own proprietary mounting hardware

      • Chuck says:

        WTF. It’s like they’re intentionally trying to screw up.

      • Friend says:

        Thankfully at least, squaredrop is backwards compatible with Keymod. It’s not HK level of screw you over, but then again… M-Lok is a thing too guys.

  9. CAP says:

    Cool!! A rifle that was a neat idea but a commercial failure, will now be offered in two calibers that were neat ideas, but also commercial failures!

    • Brian says:

      450 is huge in the hunting community, especially in states like Michigan, Indiana, and Ohio where they have designated “rifle” zones. The 450 falls into the “other” category and is allowed in the formally called “shotgun” zone.

      Maybe not in this setup and style, but the 450 is growing by the minute and here to stay.

  10. Iheartptbelts says:

    Cant wait to see what upgrades they release in 2028.

  11. balais says:

    LOL squaredrop? wtf

    Why dont they just make it mlok and be done with it?

    Maybe the MSBS will be worth buying instead?

  12. Boatschooler says:

    I picked up an ACR a few years ago and I absolutely love it. It’s a little heavy for the everyday carry role but makes a great mid-range SA hunting rifle. I’ll be looking to pick these up for hog hunting and will probably never get rid of this rifle.

  13. LCSO264 says:

    It is too bad Bushmaster screwed up what by all rights was a great idea. 6.8? really, I hadn’t even heard 6.8 mentioned for quite some time until this post? why not a .300 BO, at least it is contemporary, albeit a niche caliber..

    This gun had potential years ago, if it had been rolled out properly (as mentioned above). But now, it came out without features, 1:9 barrels (ugggggg), and nothing for the user level barrel/caliber swap feature to work with. then they trickle out things like the stock that should have been standard all along, and eventually barrels in 1:7 and in differing lengths…

    never even heard of “Squaredrop”? as stated, M-Lok has won this battle, stop pushing back, just accept it and move on. Even HK is offering M-Lok on the 433 (& prob new models of 416), should it ever come to fruition.

    sadly, I don’t even know if this platform is reliable, because there seems to be no one who has seriously T&E’d it.

    MagPul should have kept the rights tot he gun frankly, and found a way to manufacture it properly.

  14. RT from UT says:

    I fired a suppressed ACR at the fun shop the other day (and actual cool stuff too)

    It was actually kinda sad because of how exciting the Masada concept was way back in the day.

    They shoulda picked different OEM’s and put out the PDR instead, that thing would have done phenomenal.