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NRAAM 18 – B&T APC308

We decided to wrap up our NRA Annual Meeting and Exhibits coverage with a new offering from Switzerland’s B&T, the Advanced Police Carbine 308. The APC line already includes 9mm, .45, .223, 5.56mm and .300 versions, but the APC 308 model required some engineering to scale the design up.


Currently, they plan to introduce an Assault Rifle (Full Auto), Carbine (Semi Auto), Pistol (Semi Auto) and PDWs in both Semi and Full Auto. It features a locked rotating bolt, gas piston operating system. The barrel on the example we looked at was 14.5” with a pinned flash hider, designed to accept B&T suppressors. It has an overall length of 874 mm (611 mm with stock folded). The APC308 weighs 3.9 kg and has ambidextrous controls, including charging handle. The APC308 accepts SR25 pattern magazines.


There is a full length Mil STD 1913 rail down the top of the upper receiver and handguard as well as at the bottom of the handguard. Additionally, there are removable Picatinny rail sections for either side of the handguard. In addition to the side folder stock, B&T offers a collapsible stock as well as end cap. Here, you can see the buffer and spring.


An interesting feature on the bolt carrier is the insert seen at the side of the carrier in the photo below, which is found on the full auto variants of other APC models. For the APC308, it is standard and is used to slow the bolt carrier down.


They also use dual ejectors.


3 Responses to “NRAAM 18 – B&T APC308”

  1. Jeff S says:

    Looks spendy… So, where will it fall in the $$$$ hierarchy amongst the MR762, SR25, SCAR17, et al?

    • Alex says:

      The upper on the B&T’s are milled out of 7075 vs the scar which is extruded out of 6063. Imo it is probably a step up from the scar.

  2. Petro says:

    It will MSRP at or less than the Scar 17