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B&T USW-320

Released earlier this year, the USW-320 is based on B&T’s Universal Service Weapon, except that it’s a drop in lower receiver for the SIG P320 Fire Control Unit and Slide rather than a full firearm. Like the USW, it incorporates a right-side, fixed-length, side-folding stock.

As more and more organizations adopt the P320, this offers a more stable platform for those longer shots.

The USW 320 is pretty bare bones. You must also install a P320 magazine release. Additionally, a red dot optic can be mounted, but it has to be on the P320 slide you’ve provided. Hopefully, this spartan approach will keep the cost down so more people can take advantage of it.


11 Responses to “B&T USW-320”

  1. JM Gavin says:

    At what point does it become a NFA-controlled item in the US? Installation of the trigger group, installation of the slide, or just the item by itself?

    • P.J. says:

      Iirc the P320 the trigger group is the serialized part. In theory this would just be like buying a new frame. The trigger group would need to registered as an SBR.

      • JM Gavin says:

        I agree with you in theory…but I think the ATF will end up doing a determination.

        • Charlie Kilo says:

          The ATF would have to redesignate the non-serialized grip module (plastic grip which houses the FCU) as a serialized part. That’s not a rabbit hole they would want to go down….

  2. tcba_joe says:

    Welcome to 2018, we’re going to need an arm-brace version.

  3. JRo says:

    It may take a while to catch on, but I think they’ll sell a boat-load of these to military and police forces. This is an easy-button for increased range and hit probability without investing in training or institutional changes. It will help fill the PDW gap for military services, and reduce bystander injuries (and lawsuits) for police departments. The people who make purchasing decisions for services and agencies will eat it up.

  4. SGT Rock says:

    At this point I’m just gonna bust out my grandfathers Mauser M1932 Schnellfeuer, old metal has more sex appeal.

  5. Bradkaf308 says:

    Now I want a 320.