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SOTECH Debuts New Medical Line At SOMA

The cornerstone of SOTECH’s massive product catalog has always been their medical line, and their crowning achievement was having their designs selected to fill most of the nylon carriage systems in the Special Forces Medic’s Tac Set over the last decade.  After a year of design and sampling with SOF medics from around the globe, SOTECH has emerged from the design studio to present its next iteration of the Tactical Medical Modular Carriage System (Gen II).  It was an honor to be given the opportunity to take a system carried by SOF personnel going downrange during the GWOT (SOTECH’s owner, Jim Cragg, was included when he deployed in 2007).  And it’s an honor to be asked to take these battle-tested designs and modernize them with lighter high tech materials, minimized designs, and contoured shapes.  SOTECH’s first generation of this modular system evolved into the RUCK – TRUCK – HOUSE concept, which guided this new system.  The salient feature that runs across the entire TMMCS-II is universal modularity.  The SOF medic is issued the set of loop-lined packs, bags and pouches with a set of hook-backed modular pouches and panels.  Combinations of hook and MOLLE backing allow some pouches to be removed from the inside and mounted to the outside adding capacity.  And the medic harness has shifted from a chest harness to a belt harness with a spin around feature congruent with the MARCH protocols.  Also in the 2018 catalog are other new items including the Tourniquet Rapid Pouch, Zoll Difribrilator/Monitor Pack, and Medic’s Sharps Resistant Dump Pouch.

Download yur catalog here

Check them all out next week at the SOMA conference in Charlotte.  Most of the TMMCS-II items have been submitted for NSNs and will be available through DLA and medical prime vendors (via DAPA), and all items are available on SOTECH’s GSA schedule.


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