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UF PRO Presents – SIGMA, Latvia’s Border Guards

UF PRO presents this video on SIGMA, Latvia’s Border Guards. People, drugs and other contraband, such as tobacco and fuel are being routinely smuggled to Latvia and throughout Europe. More than 2,600 Latvian border guards keep a constant watch over domestic borders. Take a look SIGMA operates.


7 Responses to “UF PRO Presents – SIGMA, Latvia’s Border Guards”

  1. SamHill says:

    Pretty intense video.

    In a surprise ending, they are brought to court in a sanctuary jurisdiction, given a hearing in 2 years time, released, and never heard from again…

    • cy says:

      Are you saying it was filmed in California?

      • SamHill says:

        No, just jokin’ around. That is what would happen over there though.

        Expensive raid, lots of big gov man power and tax dollar usage, then let em loose. They actually do hear from them again though, through multiple catch and releases and years of carnage on the streets.

        You know, I used to work in a prison and putting them in there is a big waste of money too. They catch diseases,get surgeries that we are required to give them and special medical treatment like from non fatal gun shot wounds, many convert to Islam, all kinds of bad stuff happens in prisons. Huge waste of tax $ too.

        Florida death row inmates average like a million per year, each. 30 years of food/clothing, paying for both sides of expensive court cases (3 mandatory appeals) our current criminal justice system is full of waste. Even the execution, if they ever get around to it, is unreasonably expensive.

        I think we should bring back nooses or firing squad.

        • Alpha2 says:

          As someone who works for a local PD in a large city in California it is really upsetting to a lot of us that we are limited in the job we can do by this policy. I work in the Gang Unit and a great deal of “sureno” gang members we encounter are illegal immigrants, they get arrested for various crimes and instead of notifying ICE/HSI during incarceration so they can be picked up after term is over for Federal hold for deportation they are just released back into society, some for serious crimes, some suspected in homicide cases. Not too mention we are barred from sharing intel with Fed agencies now and cooperating with during targeted sweeps and raids. It is truly sad and as a result are streets and the citizens at large are not nearly as safe as they could be.

          • SamHill says:

            I feel your pain man. Our criminal justice system is really broken.

            I saw inmates who admitted they were dead wrong, selling drugs in a school zone or something, but they were getting let off on some technicality like a sentencing guideline or something. (all inmates try to beat the case in their spare time and we are required to let them have legal aid) Anyway he claimed he was gonna get out then get a million bucks for wrongful imprisonment even though he admitted he was guilty. Many file taxes on dead people, conduct mail fraud, lots of the death row inmates arranged marriages so their “wife” would get a check because he was a ward of the state. They split it in some agreed upon manner.

            Pedophiles that got light sentences the first time, then they finally give them 30 years after they find like 12 kids in their yard or something. It is terrible. Victims families pay for these inmates to get surgery and dialysis when they are 60 instead of paying for their own little kids lives. Our “criminal justice” system is the ultimate enduring insult to victims and their families.

            • Alpha2 says:

              Yes, unfortunately it seems as if the victims continue to get victimized and let down by the criminal justice system all too often.

  2. Kit Badger says:

    Do you see what happens?! This is why you don’t sell loose cigarettes in New York…