The New Mystery Ranch Catalog Is Coming!


The new MYSTERY RANCH Military catalog is coming out later today (May 17th, see it here first on Soldier Systems) and nearly every pack in their line has been updated. They’ve replaced the standard bolsters with smaller, lighter weight ones that make contact in key areas to keep the packs stable over body armor. Additionally, all packs will receive the new tan, water-repellant, IR compliant zippers – like the SOCOM-issue SPEAR packs. The medical packs will go to IR-compliant, tan coil zippers. You can see the whole line in the new catalog or better yet, stop by the MYSTERY RANCH booth at SOFIC in the SOF Select suite to see the upgrades in person and chat with the MR team.


3 Responses to “The New Mystery Ranch Catalog Is Coming!”

  1. Mehmaster says:

    850$ a pack for some spear recce, told me its jumpable, called them asking for rigging instructions got told to “ask my jumpmaster” asked the blackhats from Bragg they had no clue. Mystery ranch couldn’t even tell me the official channels on how the info is dessiminated. Called riggers from 5th group and asked if they ever seen one of these mystery ranch bags rigged for static line ops. The answer was no. I have to assume then none of this shit is jumpable since not even the company knows how to rig it.

    • mac says:

      I rigged one but jumped called off. Still wasn’t sure about slippage. Might grab it again from my reps and try some different ways though.

    • Rancher says:

      To be clear, the new Mystery Ranch SPEAR-issue packs have been fully certified for MFF and static line. I think you’re just witnessing the glacial speed of airborne certification/documentation.

      Pertinent to your pack, USASOC has also certified a new harness for the SPEAR packs, which should be coming out soon.

      If you’ve still got questions, call in to MR and ask for Kent.