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SOFIC 18 – Franklin Armory BFSIII TR-4 Trigger

Franklin Armory debuted the TR-4 trigger at SOFIC 2018. This is the newest trigger to employ the patented BFSIII technology.  The TR-4 is a Military and Law Enforcement specific trigger that is designed to operate with a full auto sear trip.  It allows 4 selectable positions; Safe, Semi, Binary, and Full Auto.

The TR-4 gives Military and Law Enforcement agencies a more accurate, effective, and reliable trigger system that can drop into their existing platforms.  Of course, the Binary mode provides significantly reduced split times between rounds, allowing for tighter double tap groups.  In addition, the TR-4 incorporates the patented safety features designed into the original civilian BFSIII trigger.

The new design is easy for departments to transition to since safe, semi, and full auto are found in their traditional locations.  Binary mode is found by moving the selector so that it is pointing down.  This is a tremendous benefit to sworn personnel as it allows them to choose between two operating modes, semi, and Binary, with one flick of the switch.

The TR-4 also marks the first time that a pull release trigger has been employed with a machine gun sear trip.  By utilizing this function in Binary mode, reliability has been guaranteed.



3 Responses to “SOFIC 18 – Franklin Armory BFSIII TR-4 Trigger”

  1. jellydonut says:

    Considering it is already a full auto trigger, why on earth would gov. buyers want the NFA-circumventing ‘binary’ trigger pull over a real, honest-to-God two-round burst in the fourth position?

    It’s a gimmick for civilians, I don’t see why gov. buyers would go for this when they could have the real deal.

    • C Jones says:

      I can certainly see a binary option becoming more popular with law enforcement outside of its status of a gimmick to avoid the NFA. It can be used for a suppressive fire effect where the shooter has direct control over his cyclic rate, kinda like the old BAR with its selectable rates of fire. It does seem a bit of a stretch though.

  2. Joe says:

    But can I get it installed in my Reformation Firearm?