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CANSEC 18 – Fellfab Crew Rest Mattress

Developed for the Canadian Navy, Fellfab’s Crew Rest Mattress utilizes AirString Technology.


The structure is 90% air by volume and is formed by linear low density polyethylene polymers. It is 100% recyclable, won’t absorb water and meets flame (FAR 25.853), smoke (BSS 7238) and toxicity (BSS 7239) requirements.


This four inch thick mattress was tested to 500,000 compression cycles and only lost 1/4 inch of loft.


6 Responses to “CANSEC 18 – Fellfab Crew Rest Mattress”

  1. Ed says:


    • Exploriment says:

      Really what?

      I’ve slept on these and they are really comfortable – especially in the heat. They’re firm, yet springy. And in any sort of location or environment, where the mattress getting wet might be a problem, this stuff excels.

  2. CAVStrong says:

    How was does this insulate you from whatever you’re laying on?

    • Jack says:

      the same way any other air mattress/pad does….. MAGIC!!

    • Canadian says:

      Look again, it’s for the Navy. It is not for field use, nobody (sane) carries a four inch thick mattress in the field. The compression cycles are about laying down and getting back up.

  3. Billy says:

    A product I’d like to try in place of memory foam in my pop-up camper. But, doesn’t seem to be a retailer carrying the crew rest mattress that Google can find.