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FieldCraft Survival (FCS) – Every Day Mobility Go-Lite Panel-Pack


FieldCraft Survival has released a new, patent pending go bag that allows you quick access to your equipment on the back of your vehicle seat, and the ability to quickly convert it into a go-bag. Manufactured in the U.S.A., FieldCraft using low visibility operations experience in austere environments have created a panel pack, that allows you to quickly remove Velcro adhered pouches. The problem with existing panels is most are molle attached to the back of seats and don’t allow for expedient removal. With existing panels if you needed medical equipment in an emergency you would have to unzip and remove contents from pouch.


In addition, FCS built the panel to easily detach from seat and be converted into a go-bag. A neatly stowed rollup at the bottom of the panel folds over the pouches, and the shoulder straps covertly stow behind the panel against the seat. If you are driving in austere or dusty environments where concealment or protecting the contents of your go bag is a priority, you can also zip the cover of bag onto the panel. This go-bag is mil-spec and has a lifetime warranty. In addition, $10 of every sale will benefit Gold Star Teen Adventures a non-profit supporting the children of our Special Operations service members killed in the line of duty. Click link below to purchase your pre-order of the EDM Go-Lite and save 15%.


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  1. J. says:

    Looks like a nice setup. I’m proud of these guys and what their company represents. Keep up the hard work delivering great content, training, and products.