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Grayman & Company – First Of Its Kind Tactical Tailoring House 

Earlier this week, Greyman & Company formally launched. Although, this small, ‘boutique’ tailoring house has already been creating high-end, bespoke suits for close protection officers, police detectives, and civilians who conceal carry for the past year.


In movies like ‘Kingsmen’ or ‘John Wick’ there’s a handy tailor standing buy to create a custom suit for the hero. Daniel Craig destroyed 40 bespoke Tom Ford suits shooting Quantum of Solace, but real life James Bonds have no such options. That was the motivation, with a goal to address a complete market absence of a high-end tailored suit that is optimized for tactical requirements; elegance and function.


This suit is a purpose-made solution for those who have spent months experimenting with ad-hoc alterations with their neighborhood seamstress, and resigned themselves to purchasing only cheap disposable suits, which can be discarded when damaged.

Instead, these are the real deal. Grayman & Company suits are all made-to-measure by traditional methods, with a very small staff of experienced tailors in Shanghai’s French Concession. These are not mass-manufactured fast-fashion suits and the process is extensive, including a fitting with a mailed trial garment, Naturally, they are available with a number of options for mobility and protection, such as an ‘action back’ shoulder gusset, cut-resistant sleeves, and covert pockets.

Their publicly available fabric is by the Italian mill Loro Piana, part of the Louis Vuitton-Moet-Hennessy group, which produces fabrics long regarded as the most luxurious on earth. For vetted military, LEO, gov, and private security professionals, their industry program called ‘SFPROG’ allows a lower-priced Italian alternative, which also incorporates ripstop Cordura.

According to Greyman & Company, the base price for their Premium suit, made with the Loro Piana cloth is $1,300 USD. Customers who register with SFPROG will get a tiered discount on the premium and access to the lower priced fabric. From June 13th, the first 100 orders include a complementary gift set provided by industry partners.



16 Responses to “Grayman & Company – First Of Its Kind Tactical Tailoring House ”

  1. Gerard says:

    You could find a domestic tailor to cut you a suit, fit it to you perfectly, with alterations for gun carry. Im not comfortable spending that amount of money without a hands on fitting by the tailor.
    Any suit like this is an investment, the comfort is amazing, and range of motion equal to what you’d need in a defensive situation. Leroy Thompson has written about working with tailors in London to have clothing made with extra room in the cut for a concealed pistol.

    • jbgleason says:

      You need to check their website. The suit offers features you aren’t going to get and can’t add to a regular suit well beyond custom tailoring. Especially the gussets shoulders to allow for extra range of motion and the magnetic buttons.

      Although I know it is in style. The ridiculously short pants as seen on the model in the photos look terrible. At least reach the top of the shoe even if you aren’t going to break on them.

      • Mr.E.G. says:

        I totally agree about the pants. Looks awful.

      • G3SM says:

        Came here specifically to say something about the pants length . When has that *ever* been a tailored appearance for a proper suit, and what sort of person in that role *now* would have their pants tailored to look like that while also appearing professional (at least John Wick/Kingsman tailored correctly on pant length)? Bizarre, and defeated the attempt at target audience IMO as I unfortunately was immediately struck with laughter instead of appreciation for the effort.

        • G3SM says:

          Just checked the website, better lengths there (even one with almost the exact same pose but with slightly longer length, this may have just been an unfortunate capture).

      • Whit says:

        Agree with the pants. I shake my head when I see people wearing dress pants with their suit and the pants are too short. We called them “floods” when I was growing up. It was a way to tell who had grown since Mama had bought them new pants!

  2. mark says:

    Very cool. Makes me wish I wore a suit.

  3. I’m glad my friend can finally release his suits. I look forward to my suit arriving.

  4. Pete says:

    I listened to the old guys and switched to bespoke suits. Lots of advantages to be fitted when carrying- silver dollar pockets on the jacket, non-trendy center vents, etc.

    I clicked through and found the marketing a little over the top, but some really interesting concepts. I bought a Prince of Wales plaid suit last year, which Grayman carries. That is impressive in sharp, versatile pattern that oozes class. Price seems reasonable too.

  5. Mr.E.G. says:

    I wear suits to the office and have given up on wearing a gun in a holster and having any hope of it not being very obvious that I’m wearing a gun. What specifically does a suit like this do differently than any other suit that enables one to hide a gun?

    • SLG says:

      You need a good tailor. All of my work suits are custom made, in NY, and though they cost a fair bit more than the Grayman suits, nothing like that existed then. Not that it matters for this line of work, but I’m sure my suits are nicer, given the price and tailor. A good tailor can make your gun disappear under a suit, though you have to help out by using a good belt and holster to begin with. I don’t remember all the details, but they discreetly alter how the suit drapes. When the jacket is open, you can’t really tell that it was tailored differently. When it is closed, depending on your body type, gun, holster, posture, etc, you may be able to tell that it doesn’t fit as closely as is common. Most pros don’t close their jackets, so a moot point, but also a give away if that matters. Carrying appendix allows you to close your suit, and still draw perfectly well. Also doesn’t require as much tailoring to hide the gun, though mags and a radio will.

    • Andrew says:

      Get a good stiff 1.5″ leather belt. 5:11 of all places has a decent one for $50.

      Get a good IWB holster.

      Get your pants tailored while wearing the belt and holster. Make sure where you’re buying the pants/suit is ok with you bringing in a gun beforehand.

      Don’t be fat.

      I fit suits both off the rack and custom made as my job. Do these things and carrying with a suit is easy.

  6. SLG says:

    I took a look through the website in some detail. Looks like some great ideas an innovation. I do think you’d have to be very careful about which options you choose though, as adding all those layers to the suit will make it much less comfortable in warm weather, and probably much stiffer too. In addition, the action back seems like a great idea, but it looks terrible (IMO), and is clearly not a normal suit. Anyone used to good suits would look at you pretty funny if they saw those slits. Ultimately, it looks like the improved buttons and the RFID may be the most useful, though I’d want to see and feel the rfid alterations first. Many places have been putting in reinforced lining for years, so I agree with that, but given the options on the site for where to put it, I’d also want to know how wide the pieces are and how stiff they make the suit. As for the draw assist pockets, if you still need to do that stuff, you are drawing the gun incorrectly. Looks like a good place to keep your challenge coin though:-)

  7. Brian McIlmoyle says:

    I was an early adopter for these suits, my Grayman suit has become my favourite suit, fits great, and affords a freedom of movement that I have never experienced in a suit. Price is right on the mark for a bespoke suit, but includes features not found in other suits. I’m a middle aged guy, so I prefer a more “classic” fit, the suit I received exceeded my expectations. Recommended.

  8. JustBlendingIn says:

    If you ever get to Hong Kong, find Sam’s tailors. Old school fit & repeate & final fit and you’ll have them in 2-3 days. He does suits for all sorts of “people”. Knows just how to cut it and where to reinforce. Stuff disappears when you wear it. Been using him for years. Has my measurements on file and I can email an order in and pick it up anywhere in Asia, Europe of the Gulf. Nice guy. Kid’s taking over the business. Comes to NYC once a year and works out of a suite at the plaza.

  9. Invictus says:

    Tactical Tailor…

    …ing House. Nicely played.