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Tardigrade Tactical – Higgs-Boson Weight Vest

This is the Higgs-Boson weight vest, designed from the inside and out for a perfect fit, comfort and ergonomics in mind.

They started this Made in Denmark project by designing the Boson steel plates, based on triple curved, “swimmers-cut” ballistic plates.

Each plate weighs 4.25 kg.

Then, they designed the Plate Carrier for a user friendly and intuitive experience.



14 Responses to “Tardigrade Tactical – Higgs-Boson Weight Vest”

  1. Charlie Bravo says:

    I feel like I’m missing something, so I read the article twice. Now I wonder if this article is trolling everyone.
    Screw it, I’ll bite; Why would you have holes cut into your plates?

    • Billiam says:

      It’s a weight vest for physical training.

    • jellydonut says:

      These are dummy/weight plates for training.

      Here’s what the label says: https://shop10981.hstatic.dk/upload_dir/shop/IMG_20180317_113241.jpg

      Presumably the holes are there to make it harder to accidentally put training plates in your actual plate carrier for actual use.

      • mark says:

        An idea I just had – it might be a good idea to include the metal that is cut out, so that the user can slowly ‘add weight’ by adding the cutouts back to the plate.

    • Heh I’m right there with you, I read weight and everything, but looks tactical specific, and doesn’t have weight adjustment features like civi market weight vests do. First impression was, oh we doing DLC for armor packages now? Get the season pass and you get armor without holes in it!

    • Birk says:

      Hi everybody,

      The reason the plates have holes in them, is because we designed the entire system to be 20lb which is the crossfit standard weight for Hero WODs. This plates and the carrier are purpose build for this specific reason.

      Regarding scaling up the weight, we will offer different plates of different weight. Next will be 14lb plates for females. Later, we will add heavier plates as well. (maybe even layering of plates).

      The Boson Plates will fit most carriers on the market.

      Best regards,
      CEO and head of design
      Tardigrade Tactical

      • Thanks for the design intent. I think most of us get it, just giving you a hard time on our expectations after seeing the thumbnail 🙂 Might be worth adding a big TRAINING sticker or something to the plates, even if just for promotional purposes.

        • Birk says:

          Sure, all feedback is great!

          If you buy a plate with holes in it and use it for ballistic protection, I don’t think a “training” sticker would do much difference. I get your argument in the marketing-side of the product, though.

          Regarding weight adjustment: vests with adjustable weight are usually cumbersome or “sloppy” and from our research, most people just want additional weight that fits well – something that will not hinter their movement.

          But to be honest – this product is as much a prove of concept as it is an attempt to branch out to a broader audience – which so far has been a success. We usually design and manufacture products to Military and Law Enforcement clients. This products takes advantage of the skills and experience we have, with carrying body armor and design tactical equipment.

          • Jürgen says:

            If you use it as a ballistic carrier you also could win the first prize at Darwin Arwards!

            Great sport carrier btw!

            • Birk says:

              Haha! Yup, that also a very valid point!

              Thanks! Looking forward to hearing about your full experience with it!

  2. robcollins says:

    Charlie, these are for “exercise”. At just 9.36lbs per plate, my question would just be “why go to the trouble?” Get some tights, leg warmers, and a Buns of Steel tape for the VCR.

  3. Brando says:

    The catch: can only be manufactured at 125 GeV…badump ding!

  4. Brutal Buddha says:

    Are these made with God particles? 🙂

  5. Billymayz says:

    I’m guessing they didn’t ask Peter Higgs if they could use his name.