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Matbock Monday – Strike Force Energy

As most of you probably know, the Matbock team is also heavily involved in Strike Force Energy.

They are the epitome of the “vetrepreneur” movement. Others talk about it, but they are making it happen. The best vetrepreneurs have a secret ability: they possess the humility to understand that they don’t know everything, and they need to partner with more experienced entrepreneurs to win.

Look at Navy SEAL Sean Matson. He partnered with successful serial entrepreneur Bruce Schlee to create the sugar-free, 160mg caffeine, zero-calorie Strike Force Energy. Their goal is the total disruption of the energy boost beverage market currently crowded by Red Bull, Monster, Rockstar, 5-hour Energy, and more. Or, as Bruce says, “as we scale we are either going to be the best or be bought out by the best.”


Recently, Sean was featured on Forbes.com. Check it out here.

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4 Responses to “Matbock Monday – Strike Force Energy”

  1. Blackbeard says:

    This stuff definitely-really works.

  2. Alpha2 says:

    This is the only stuff I will use for a pick me up, all others I have ever tried have made me feel extra-tweaky.

  3. Alex says:

    I remember taking my first Strike Force… All I can say is that it works very well lol.

  4. redbeard says:

    Like it, wonder what’s in it.