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SOLKOA Survival Systems Launches New Website

SOLKOA Survival Systems is my favorite company for survival gear. Recently, they relaunched their website, adding the entire PRO-level Modules line as well as additional components and kits with over 50 unique items.

Additionally, based on recent demand from deploying warfighters whose units are unable to make organizational contract purchases through SOLKOA, they’ve now made several restricted kits available for individual purchase for active duty military, sworn law enforcement, or other at-risk government personnel deploying overseas. After vetting their credentials they can purchase kits with expanded capabilities that are normally restricted by ITAR or general sale to the public at large.

Now with the new website up, S3 intends to launch even more S3 components, task-focused modules/paks, and complete kits throughout the coming months including a Traveler line for global business and recreational travelers, as well as some new container form factors for carrying and packing your S3 contingency gear.

Lastly, as part of this launch and to celebrate our Independence Day, S3 is offering a sale of 10% off all products and free shipping for any retail orders over $50. The code for the discounts is: FREEDOM10 and will be good from now through midnight on July 4th, 2018.


4 Responses to “SOLKOA Survival Systems Launches New Website”

  1. pablo says:

    i have all that stuff from the M200R in my get-home bag already. and it didn’t cost $285

  2. Nate says:

    I’ve read through the restricted kit contents several times. Scratching my head, why are these restricted to mil/LEO? Not trying to be a smart guy.