ORSM 18 – Keen Waimea H2

When I was stationed in Hawaii I bought a pair of Keen slippaz with a capped big toe. They were great; I didn’t need to worry about stubbing my toe while walking around the yard. Apparently, when we PCSed to Kirtland AFB, I tossed them out. I had forgotten all about them until I ran across these.

Keen is bringing them back and boy, will my toes be happy.



5 Responses to “ORSM 18 – Keen Waimea H2”

  1. Agentofwrath says:

    They have been a staple in the Keen line for a while with different color ways each season. They are my go to slippah. And they just had a killer sales on them!

  2. Fritzthedog says:

    Looks like baby’s first flip flop

  3. Maria Samuelsson says:

    I’ve worn these wonderful sandals for years. ? The only sandal I can drive in. Best protection for my toes without sacrificing comfort. And very durable! Just toss into the washing machine to clean and then air dry. I’m so glad Keen is putting this style back into production. I recommend them to everyone who has ever asked about my sandals, and it has happened many times. ?

  4. Maria Samuelsson says:

    The question marks you see in my comment were supposed to have been Happy Faces.

  5. Mojo says:

    Alright, Braddah! Tanks fo not calling em Flip Flops!