Salomon Forces

ORSM 18 – Salewa Mountain Trooper

Based on the original Mountain Trainer Leather, the new Salewa Mountain Trooper is an all Black, leather lined boot exclusive to a North America.


It integrates a full grain leather upper, reinforced rubber toe rand, Vibram outsole, heavy duty lacing, and their 3F heel support system. This boot is a sales sample. The production version which will land soon, feature metal lacing at the top, rather than plastic eyelets.


3 Responses to “ORSM 18 – Salewa Mountain Trooper”

  1. Adun says:

    Salewa’s Mountain Trainers are an awesome boot! I have had both the generation this set is based off of and the one before it and they definitely hold up to heavy use. This year’s big adventure was hiking in the Alps and the Dolomites and I had zero problems rocking these boots around Europe.

    Is this going to be a non-goretex version? Will they be offering the boots in other solid colors such as coyote brown?

    • Stash says:

      +1 on wanting a non-goretex version. I have a pair of older mountain trainers that I would wear year-round, if it weren’t for being a bit too hot with the goretex in summertime.

      • Adun says:

        So the pair I have is GTX, but having warm feet hasn’t been something which bothers me as much as other people that I know. I have always doubled up on socks for example, so I don’t really notice it. It really only matters if your feet are drenched in sweat and you can’t take your boots off for days on end, but I haven’t been in an environment where that is an issue with a GTX boot yet, only boots such as the Belleville 390.

        The good news is that these boots tend to dry out fairly quickly. I do believe that this generation is a clear improvement on the last one, especially in terms of out of the box comfort, because the last generation did cause some hot spots during heavy use in the heel. This of course varies person to person based off of foot shape though, so my account is only anecdotal.

        Keep in mind that they use a gummier rubber for these boots, so you can see rapid tread wear depending on the environment that you use them in.