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Buck Knives Announces Appointment of International Sales Manager

Post Falls, ID — Monday, July 30, 2018– Buck Knives, leader in sports cutlery, is pleased to announce that Lindsey Phelps has joined the company as International Sales Manager.

“We are extremely excited to have Lindsey come on board with Buck Knives,” said Mike Silverberg, Vice President of Sales.  “She brings a wealth of knowledge and experience relating to international sales, marketing, and distribution.  Her ability to forge strong relationships will serve as a great asset towards supporting our overseas customers and executing our plans for growth.”

Prior to joining Buck Knives, Phelps spent 12 years with CRKT.  She served as international sales manager for a majority of that time, yet her background also includes responsibilities in brand management, public relations and customer service.  Phelps holds a B.A from University of Idaho and is an avid outdoor enthusiast.

In her new role, Phelps will be responsible for working with Buck’s industry leading network of overseas distributors to support their efforts and identify new growth opportunities.  In accordance to executing the international business plan she will outline action plans pertaining to sales, marketing and distribution strategies, and travel to key markets to coordinate with Buck’s international partners.  She will also work closely with Buck’s internal customer service, marketing, and shipping departments to ensure the highest level of efficiencies for customers.

“I’m thrilled to join Buck Knives and be part of an exceptionally talented team,” said Phelps.  “Exploring new opportunities in international markets on behalf of such an iconic brand is exciting.”

Silverberg adds, “Buck Knives has been exporting for over forty years and has a high level of brand awareness in global markets.  Made in USA is one of our key advantages.  Customers know that Buck delivers high quality and with our country of origin stamped right on the blade, they know what they are getting.  With new investments in our factory and continual product innovation, we are poised for additional growth in sales and market share.”


4 Responses to “Buck Knives Announces Appointment of International Sales Manager”

  1. Rob Collins says:

    I like to play a game with my Buck 110 folder. Pulling it out, handing it to people, and asking them how much they think I paid for it, qualifying that it’s made in the USA.

    Nobody comes close to the $38 + tax. I’ve had people guess $100…

    Buck is doing some great stuff. Love that they’re doing it here in the USA, congratulations Lindsey!

    • Ron says:

      Buck’s website has them for $82, so unless you bought it in 1992 your story doesn’t make sense.

      • Mark says:

        Don’t buy them from their site- buy them from retail outlets.

        Their site has some good deals on customs and on specials but there’s no need to pay full MSRP.

      • Rob Collins says:

        You’re sitting at a computer typing about my comment not making sense.

        Try googling “buck 110”. Or try walking into the sporting goods aisle at Wal Mart. Does that make sense?

        I bought mine in 2016, not 1992. US made.