TYRANT DESIGNS CNC | Gen4 & Gen5 Glock Extended Magazine Release


Tyrant Designs CNC’s new Extended Magazine Release is finally something you can put your finger on. Manufactured for Gen4 & Gen5 Glocks the EMR sports a very grippy yet comfortable chevron pattern. Because the TD CNC engineers are always about attention to detail, they added a slight pocket design on the backside of the Glock mag release just for aesthetics. Great for both right handed and left handed operators, the Tyrant Designs Glock Extended Magazine Release retains all factory functionality but with crisper, easier and quicker magazine exchanges.


“We are very happy to announce the next step in our Glock components with our Extended Magazine Release for the Generation 4 & 5 Glock. We have gotten so much positive feedback from our awesome customers in regards to our Glock 43 EMRs. That feedback made us decide to continue with the known design language for our Gen4 & Gen5 components. As always we will continue to strive for innovation and are very thankful for our customers/fans.”

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3 Responses to “TYRANT DESIGNS CNC | Gen4 & Gen5 Glock Extended Magazine Release”

  1. MiamiC70 says:

    Metal mag release against plastic magazines seems like a recipe for malfunction.

    • Db says:

      I run pmags in my ar15, no issues with steel mag release/catch. What’s the problem?

      • Adun says:

        One was designed to use it and the other wasn’t? It should be fine, but you never know.