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Brigantes Presents – High Angle Solutions – Montane Alpine Stretch Jacket MultiCam

As part of the Montane tactical mountain clothing project we have developed a light weight soft shell.  The Alpine Stretch Jacket is designed to provide protection from the elements whilst not interfering with any rope systems or harnesses.

The jacket has an athletic cut with drop tail to reduce drag and protect the lower back when bending over.  Despite the fit the stretch fabric allows excellent freedom of movement as well as wind and moisture protection.  The cuffs have a generous gorilla grip closure to allow for easy use even with gloves.  Long sleeves ensure good arm coverage when reaching and a raglan sleeve construction means that there are no seams to dig into your shoulders when carrying heavy loads.

The jacket is closed with a double zip and there are two large napoleon pockets.  The fully adjustable hood has a stiffened peak and is helmet compatible.  This follows common design features of UK garments which are made to cope with the intense weather conditions encountered in the British hills and mountains.

This is a ultra-focused product which is galaxies away from the standard issue jacket that we are all used to.  A must for all operators.

For more information contact marketing@brigantes.com

For international sales contact international@brigantes.com

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10 Responses to “Brigantes Presents – High Angle Solutions – Montane Alpine Stretch Jacket MultiCam”

  1. ashley says:

    Can it be made berry compliant?

    • SSD says:

      The question I’m going to ask you is, “why do you want this to be Berry compliant?

      • ashley says:

        Berry soft shells like this are hard to come by!

        • Will says:

          Not trying to detract from Brigantes, but for Ashley’s reference the OR infiltrator shells maybe?

          • Will says:

            Also wild things has some stretchy goodness as well that’s berry.

            • Will,

              You are absolutely correct on both counts. OR use super fabric as well which makes a very robust jacket but it is very pricey. The boys at Wild Things have done soft shell fabrics for quite a while now. In the UK design on these garments tends to be a bit different than the US. We tend to have a slimer body shape and a stiffened peak. Which is why you go for this over the others.



        • SSD says:

          Are you planning on purchasing garments via TLS or so many that would go over the Berry threshold?

    • Ashley,

      The simple answer is yes although it would require establishing production in the US. Everything is possible it just takes time. If you have a unit requirement give me a shout and I will work it out.



  2. vlad says:

    >not using multicam velcro


  3. Grady Burrell says:

    Will, Much appreciate the shout. Im in Alaska at this minute selling our Berry Soft Shells. Lots of great products out there for sure, were pleased to be spoken of in that range. The design on the Montanane looks sharp and well thought out to me.