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Widget Wednesday:  SATCOM Power

Satellite communications systems have come a very long way since Sputnik, the Space Race, and INTELSAT. Long gone are the days of needing a truck, a generator, and an antenna the size of a small house too. Even very powerful satellite communications systems today are small enough and light enough to be carried and used by one person.

Which is just as well, because information and communications technologies are integral to the conduct of current military operations all around the world – and especially critical for small units operating far beyond the front lines (if “front lines” even exist anymore).

Special Operations Forces (SOF) in particular conduct a wide range of missions in austere environments for extended periods of time. SOF communicators must have the ability to effectively communicate between elements, to higher headquarters, and with their partner forces using multiple organic and non-organic radios, computers, and other devices. Fortunately, the PTX SPM-622 Squad Power Manager from Protonex can deliver the power to keep their communication lines up and running for constant operational capability.

The SPM-622 can integrate with and provide power for multiple SDN, SDN (L) and BGAN terminals to run computers, telephones, and other devices from sources other than AC power. AC power is not always available, or is irregular / unreliable, in many of the AOs where SOF and their support units may find themselves located. With its ability to scavenge power from solar blankets, vehicle outlets, military and non-military batteries (rechargeable or single use), generators, wind turbines, and any other source, the SPM becomes a field-expedient uninterruptible power source (UPS) to keep critical communication lines open at all times.

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