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Optics 1 – Coded Target Acquisition Marker


Most users rely on the Coded Target Acquisition Marker (CTAM) as their primary marker due to its convenience and capability. It allows marking and handoff and can be mounted directly to a Picatinny rail. It combines three capabilities into one:

– 1064nm coded marker
– Aiming laser (Visible and NIR)
– NIR Illumination Laser

The CTAM can output:

Aim only
– Illuminator
– Illuminator and Aim simultaneously

Marker only
– A/I plus Marker (high power A/I modes only)


The CTAM’s aiming and illuminator functions include both a high and low power setting, including a Class 3B laser widening the opportunities to use in any range environment where lasers are permitted.



One Response to “Optics 1 – Coded Target Acquisition Marker”

  1. Kyle says:

    Too bad it doesn’t have a range finder, gps, and gyro compass for accurate call for fire or identifying exact locations.