Sneak Peek – A7 “ATLAS” Modular Eyepro System

The all new A7 Defense & Aerospace “ATLAS” modular eye protection system has just completed FAT testing and will be released soon.

The Atlas system features:

• A7’s proprietary “Ghost Shield” photochromic technology with lenses available in both photochromic and High Definition (HD) photochromic, and LCD screen compatible and ballistic polarized.
• A lightweight and robust TR-90 frame
• Arms that are designed to maintain the seal around the ears when wearing hearing protection
• A three-way adjustable nose piece that sits higher on the nose for increased stability, comfort, and for a more unobstructed view
• Distortion-free, crystal clear optics
• Protection against UVA/B/C
• Embedded anti-fog that does not need refreshing

Additionally, the Atlas system can be configured for multiple styles and face shapes by simply removing the lens and attaching several different “load outs” all of which are fully ballistic.


2 Responses to “Sneak Peek – A7 “ATLAS” Modular Eyepro System”

  1. Asinine Name says:

    Good luck contacting them.

  2. Lose_Game says:

    Black Ops II multiplayer music? Interesting choice…