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THYRM Introduces the CLENS in Dedicated Sheets

Sunnyvale, CA —

In September 2017, THYRM introduced the CLENS, a revolutionary lens cover for weapon lights. First available in a variety pack to fit many models of lights, consumers requested the ability to order only specific sizes. In response, THYRM now sells the CLENS in three sizes in addition to a variety pack. New items include 18 lenses each to fit the following lights.

SureFire X300U, XH30, Scout Lights
Inforce WMLx

Streamlight TLR, TLR-HL
SureFire G2X, 6PX

Streamlight HL, HL-X
SureFire Fury, Intellibeam

CLENS (pronounced “cleanse”) are heat-resistant clear polymer circles that are cut to fit on a wide range of flashlight and weapon-light lenses. CLENS protects the lens from carbon and other debris that can build up from the use of lights during firearms training. CLENS can be removed to quickly clean a light, rather than having to apply Vaseline before shooting, replace a lens or risk abrasion with lens cleaners.

The CLENS is the collaborative effort of Thyrm and Aaron Cowan of Sage Dynamics / Sage Instruments. Designed and manufactured in the USA, these new dedicated sheets are now available at Thyrm.com.


5 Responses to “THYRM Introduces the CLENS in Dedicated Sheets”

  1. Trent MacTaggart says:

    Simple and brilliant.

  2. Airborne_fister says:

    Looked at the site. Which fits the m6xx series or a scout mini

  3. Biff Tannon says:

    These will be very useful. I’d really like to see something similar but using the RMR lense shape. They’re pretty tough, but after thousands of rounds worth of suppressor blowback impacting and building up on the lense and the subsequent increased cleaning required – whether a field expediant wipe of the thumb when the lense becomes too occluded during use, or routine maintenance at home – it’s inevitable the lense start to show increased wear. I know it’s the price to play, but simply peeling off a product like this at the end of the day and calling it good would be awesome.

  4. Kaos-1 says:

    I’ve been using clear packing tape for years.