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Velocity Systems – New Modular Carrier and Vest Configurations

September 6, 2018 – Velocity System announces new modular carrier and vest configurations.

3 shapes + 6 carriers/vests + 8 accessories = 26 new modular carrier/vest configurations.

We mixed the fronts and backs of 3 different carrier/vest shapes: the Assault Plate Carrier (APC) + Law Enforcement Plate Carrier (LEPC), the SCARABTM LT + SCARABTM LE, and the Low-Profile Armor Carrier (LPAC) + Low-Profile Assault Armor Carrier (LPAAC). We then created multiple configurations of each carrier/vest shape by offering different cummerbund, front flap, and quarter flap setups to bring you 26 new modular carrier/vest configurations.

SCARAB LT & SCARAB LE – 14 New Configurations
APC & LEPC – 7 New Configurations
LPAC & LPAAC – 5 New Configurations

Our goal is to provide the end user with gear that matches each user’s personal preference and mission specific needs. The project began with the objective to allow the end user to build their own carrier or vest setup. As the planning progressed, the decision was made to make the setup as easy as possible for the end user. We assembled all the possible configurations for you, simply put, modularity made easy.

For more information, on the new modular carrier and vest configurations please visit our website at


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