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Agilite Helmet Bridge – The Universal Accessory Platform


With so many helmet accessories these days (battery packs, counterweights, IR strobes, cameras, cables etc) and so many different tactical helmet types and sizes, Agilite wanted to create a one-size-fits-all rock solid accessories platform for any modern helmet that was more secure than regular helmet velcro.

The Bridge is made to fit almost all common tactical helmets and  almost all helmet accessories. It locks on to to the existing internal and external velcro loop layout on modern Military helmets in seconds to create a stable platform to prevent accessory loss or damage.


Some of the most unique features of the Bridge include a proprietary universal rear pod that expands and contracts both vertically and horizontally to house all commonly issued NVG battery packs perfectly. These include those of the GPNVG-18, AN/PVS-31, AN/PVS-23 , F5050, AVS-6 and ANVIS9. The pod has strategically placed exit holes for all of their cable exits and power switches. It also has rear polymer bump protection and a place to stow PTT cables when not in use.


The Bridge is manufactured in Israel and was designed based on input from Agilite’s own team as well as SOF Operators in Israel, The USA and additional countries.


The Agilite Bridge is available here in Coyote Tan, Ranger Green and Black.


One Response to “Agilite Helmet Bridge – The Universal Accessory Platform”

  1. yogi says:

    i often think my helmet is not heavy enough and have spent waking hours contemplating how to make my helmet less streamlined and more of a snag hazard.