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TD Stand Your Ground Jean

We would like to re-introduce you to The SYG Dark Denim Jean. This is the second generation of this jean and created was with the conceal carry person in mind. They are sporting an updated wash and new jean patch.

Origin Story: TD spent over 6 months trying various designs, fabrics and pocket setups to accommodate the low viz conceal carry customer. The outcome…the Stand Your Ground (SYG) Jean. The platform of this jean was based upon a 13oz super stretch denim fabric that gives the user mobility where other jeans do not.

It features 10 pockets, placed around the jean in key positions for both right and left-handed shooters. All of the pockets are set up for either blades, tools, pistol mags or AR-15 30 round mags. They constructed them in a way that is not apparent to by standers. Like other low viz clothing it is very important to blend in with your surroundings. Simple design elements like 2″-wide belt loops to accommodate most CCW belts or riggers belts. Seam hidden back pockets for AR magazines. Two-ply front hand pocket so you don’t get your ring or watch hung up on your folding knife.

– Ultra Comfortable, 13oz Stretch Indigo Denim
– 95% Cotton 5% Spandex
– Lightly washed for comfort
– Standard straight leg fit
– 10 Pocket design, 6 front pockets, 4 back pockets- Loop jean patch
– Double needle stitching in tension areas
– Reinforced knife/tool pockets
– Concealed back mag pockets for AR-15 30 round mags
– YKK Zipper Fly
– Custom Shank button
– 2″ Belt Loops
– Multicam Accents


6 Responses to “TD Stand Your Ground Jean”

  1. NDTyson says:

    Sweet, it’s like budget AdaptivX. #JustAsGoodRight?

  2. PLiner says:

    WHO at TD thinks putting Multicam accents and pile velcro patches on pants designed to look like average street wear, is a good idea? They’ve done this on past clothing items as well. Talk about a FAIL.

    • Hodge175 says:

      Most “grey man” are far from grey even though they think they are. These accents are not what’s going to give you away.

    • Steak TarTar says:

      If you’re close enough to the target that a single belt loop or back yoke loop panel (WHICH WOULD BOTH BE COVERED BY A SHIRT) will give you away, you’re doing it wrong.

      • Mike says:

        Or the fact that you’re wearing pants with an M4 pocket … and likely carrying an M4. The gun might be a give away.

  3. Michael Hutchison says:

    They are great unless you have a squat butt. I wear a 32″ and it makes my pockets flare out because of my muscular behind. I had to modify the pockets a bit. Now they are super great.