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MDM 18 – ADS / Phokus Research Group

All innovating, Phokus Research Group has taken the USMC Individual First Aid Kit and broken it down into three modules to make it more effective.

Module One includes those items needed for trauma by every Marine and is in a format to be worn inside the Marine Plate Carrier.

Module Two includes items which should be carried by a Squad but not necessarily by every Marine.

The final Module contains a boo-boo kit, containing items regularly used like band-aids and over-the-counter meds, which Marines carry in their IFAK but would have to break open and dig through in order to use them.

They can do something similar with any kit.

Look for Phokus Research Group in the ADS, Inc booth.


3 Responses to “MDM 18 – ADS / Phokus Research Group”

  1. Airborne_fister says:

    Are all three vacuum sealed? I hope at least the last one isn’t.

  2. b_rawrd says: