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Sneak Peek – CGS Group – Pyxis

This is a prototype of the Pyxis, a replacement initiator for the M60 and M81 which are single use initiators and unfortunately all-too-often of questionable reliability.

Pyxis is striker fired and has a striker block safety with a simple weapon use button initiation. That means you’ve got immediate refire with the same device. Additionally, the Pyxis can be used over and over in training and on operations.

Coming soon from www.cgsgroup.com


3 Responses to “Sneak Peek – CGS Group – Pyxis”

  1. Ray Forest says:

    Would you like to know more? Yes you have my attention

  2. jon says:

    The only downside to this I would see is how expensive it is compared to the current initiators, given we tend to leave the initiators at the sight of the blast. For other applications there maybe a place, but for regular time fuze, I don’t know if the cost will be prohibative for mass issue.

    great concept though.

  3. BFW says:

    The cost of this device is planned at under 30 dollars. Considering the initiators you are currently using are single use devices and cost around 6-8.00 a piece I think it’s easy to see the value of one that can be used repeatedly. If this thing fires even 4 times it saves money over the current solution.

    The 3D printed one pictured here has been fired over 100 times.