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MVT Special Operations Rig (SOR) Now Available in Ranger Green & Coyote Brown

The Special Operations Rig (SOR) was designed in collaboration with SOF personnel, specifically to fill the need for a chest rig / PC panel that is optimized for operational use, while able to comfortably carry the AN/PRC 152 radio to the front / side of the body. This has resulted in four kydex magazine pouches (5.56) flanked by two collapsible side pouches that enhance the rig by allowing the carriage of two radios (one each side), or 2 x 5.56 magazines in each radio pouch, or use the pouches for admin items or leave them collapsed. In addition, the front of the radio pouches have four rows of MOLLE, for the attachment of admin pouches as needed.

These specific design features and capabilities have resulted in a chest rig that is extremely versatile to varying load requirements, and will suit non-military as well as military personnel, whether or not you carry a radio on your gear. It can be used entirely as a standalone chest rig, attached to a plate carrier, or as a hybrid allowing optional attachment to a plate carrier, depending on the tactical situation.

Wear the SOR with the supplied H-harness, over a Plate Carrier or standalone.

Utilize the supplied PC Kit to attach the SOR directly to your Plate Carrier.

Multiple use options, as an assault panel over a PC, or standalone in ‘recce mode.’

The SOR is designed to allow the radio pouches to adjust comfortably across your chest, or if worn over a PC, the radio/mags fit into the space beside your front plate.

Available colors:
Ranger green
Coyote Brown


10 Responses to “MVT Special Operations Rig (SOR) Now Available in Ranger Green & Coyote Brown”

  1. Ka Ho Kenny Lam says:

    wow so 4 esstac kywis on a chest rig without being an esstac, that’s new

  2. vlad says:

    Great simple design. Respectfully: Put flaps on the pouches and I’ll get one. Make it in winter cam and I’ll be wanting another. Possible to offer a couple of mag pouch sizes/put some stretch material into the pouches to allow some 7.62 compatibility?

    • Jack Griffin says:

      You want flaps? Check out UW Gear chest rigs.

    • Jon says:

      Agreed as you can tuck the flaps away on most pouches with covers if you feel your going to need uber fast access to you mags. But if your in an environment where you are likely to hit the deck any time you make contact then open mag pouches become a liability in my opinion.

    • b_rawrd says:

      Some good rattlecan or removable spray snow surprisingly goes a long way. Army has actually used like industrial version of the spray on snow effect decoration on Abrams tanks for temporary winter-flauge.

  3. lcpl1066 says:

    It seems rigs are being more and more influenced by the needs of flat range warriors. It is good to see a rig designed for what actually needs to be taken on patrol.

  4. Jk says:

    Time proven design mixed with modern tech and ideas, perfect.