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New Security Solution Designed to Prevent Vehicle Terrorism


In April, a man drove a van into a crowd on a sidewalk in Toronto, killing 10 and injuring a dozen more. In March, an angry driver drove a car into a group outside a bar in Texas, killing one and injuring at least three others. In 2017, several high-profile vehicle attacks occurred globally, including two in London. One, on London Bridge, resulted in eight fatalities. Another, on Westminster Bridge, resulted in five deaths. In December 2016, a man drove a truck into a crowd at a Christmas market in Berlin, Germany, killing 12 people and wounding nearly 50 more. In another vehicle attack, likely terror-related, a rented cargo van was used. Eighty-six people were killed. Hundreds more were wounded.

This new and dangerous mass-killing tactic shows no signs of abatement. Indeed, large vehicles may be replacing firearms as a weapon of choice since perpetrators can so quickly and easily gain access to them. Terrorists can rent a large truck quickly and surreptitiously from many places that provide such services. Unlike firearm purchases, these rentals aren’t delayed by cooling-off periods or tracked by law enforcement. Instead, the terrorist can rent a vehicle and become familiar with its operation well before the planned attack. Large vehicles can be obtained globally. Even a smaller vehicle, such as a van or passenger car, can cause mass casualties in a crowded area.

Vehicle attacks are particularly insidious because they attempt to deny people the use of open spaces, gathering areas and common markets, such as weekly farmers’ markets or specialty markets. Parades are also potential targets.

Currently, there is limited knowledge about how to predict or stop such attacks. Until now, no one in government or the private security sector has taken a leadership role in physical security to address such attacks. Now Security Pro USA has stepped up to provide a product to meet this need.

The company provides a variety of portable vehicle barriers which can be used to secure a perimeter from vehicle attacks. The company’s vehicle barriers are available in a variety of sizes to fit the threat level or needs of the security personnel and situation.

Most vehicle barriers have been fixed concrete structures, such as large bollards, or large and unwieldy products that were not portable. Security Pro offers a better option. The company’s HERCULES 100 Heavy Weight Modular Vehicle Barrier can be transported easily in a van, station wagon or SUV. When assembled, this barrier can stop vehicles as large as tractor trailers as well as cars, vans and even large trucks.

Security Pro also offers smaller barriers which are equally effective against a variety of vehicle threats. The Samson Modular Barrier for Heavy Weight Vehicles will prevent vehicles as small as a motorcycle or as large as a 12-ton truck from entering a secured perimeter.

“Our barriers represent the top level of both design and workmanship. Our products have been well-tested with a focus on saving lives,” said Security Pro USA CEO Al Evan.

Security Pro recommends the use of barriers for any event where traffic should be limited for security reasons. Examples of such events include open-air shopping experiences, outdoor concerts, fairs, parades and motorcades.

Security Pro vehicle barriers can be disassembled and easily stored in relatively small spaces. Due to their modular nature, these barriers do not have to be deployed in advance, but can be taken to the site and assembled prior to the event, reducing the inconvenience of barricading areas to a relatively short timeframe.

Security Pro barriers are designed for both civilian and governmental use as well as military applications, particularly where checkpoints are used, but permanent structures aren’t desirable or have been prohibited by host countries.

“We intend to get these barriers out to public safety officials as soon as possible to help protect public safety by assisting police and military personnel with quick deployment and the power to stop vehicles in protected areas,” Evan said.

Vehicle barriers are currently the best solution available to stop these types of attacks.

Visit www.securityprousa.com or call (800) 264-8273 now for more information.

17 Responses to “New Security Solution Designed to Prevent Vehicle Terrorism”

  1. RFfromNOVA says:

    Ahh yes, a new toy for governments to spend money on. Take a look at the picture they show and tell me what will keep a driver from bypassing and driving right on the sidewalk where people are.
    Vehicle attacks are insidious because they attempt to deny people use of open spaces. Your barriers are insidious because they attempt to deny drivers access to open roads.
    These may have some limited application but they certainly aren’t some sort of solution to vehicle attacks on public venues. Pretty easy to contract out some dump trucks and park them across roads you want temporarily closed. Municipalities don’t have to pay for anything but the use. No storage no transportation fees. No upkeep. Local business gets an influx of government dollars and contribute to local security. We never learn.

    • EMfromWI says:

      Unless for whatever reason you don’t want to park a dump truck across that particular road. Not saying you’re wrong (you’re right) but I see a barrier like this being useful in places where you either don’t want it to look like you’re blocking a road, or where you have to block vehicle access at a spot where you can’t park a dump truck (soft ground, small bridges, low overhead clearance, bike paths, etc).
      Like you said, I see limited application. I like dump trucks for a number of reasons, too. But, I don’t think it’s completely useless.
      The photo doesn’t help.

    • tsh77769 says:

      UM, YEAH!, What he said!

  2. Michael B says:

    I thought the solution was the .gov employee standing in front of the contraption with his glowvest on wrong,,,

  3. homer says:

    This should do well at stopping those Amish carriages toting VBIEDs. Oh wait…

  4. brawrd says:

    String out some doublestrand C-Wire with a spike strip in the middle. that’ll get twisted up in the axles!

  5. Joseph Goins says:

    I did a little research. This product was invented by Mifram Security. The idea behind it is that the |__ shape will flip over and lift a vehicle off the ground if someone drives into it. However, I’m not convinced about its effectiveness. The test footage by Mifram shows a track that pulls the truck forward but disengages right before the crash. I’d be more curious to see what happens if a driver keeps on the accelerator even after the initial crash.

  6. SpankDaddyCool says:

    Yet another worthless instrument that is trying to “solve” a demographics problem.

  7. Kirk says:

    Best tool against VBIED? Policy that says “Use these, and you ALL die…”. Rip out the support structure that teaches and enables this kind of attack, root and branch, do it graphically, and do it publically. To include trials and public executions for those using freedom of speech and religion to encourage such terroristic acts.

    With modern technology, you have only one real choice: Attack the mentality that enables and encourages this sort of thing, or return to the cave. You want to live in the modern world, there are responsibilities and consequences–We should not tolerate those who advocate a return to 7th Century values and mores while taking advantage of modern advantages to enable their attacks on the rest of the body politic. Want to live 7th Century values? Fine; go back to them without modern medicine and technology.

    Banning trucks and other large vehicles isn’t the solution; ban 7th Century thinking and proslytization instead.

  8. Jason says:

    Looking at the actual barrier itself, it’s an interesting idea. Kind of like leaving a row of rakes on the ground. Truck rolls over it which causes the tines to flip up and skewer the underbelly of the truck. Truck is left skidding for a bit but without contact between the front wheels and the ground it’s only moving based on momentum (and you have the friction of the barrier dragging in the ground). There might be a problem with rear wheel drive vehicles in that they might be able to keep pushing themselves forward but I’m not sure.

    With respect to concertina wire: that would work but can you imagine how how many kids cut themselves trying to play with it? And civilians would be skittish about seeing that stuff daily.